Perfect Pair – 12 inch Toast Tongs and a Delicious Loaf of Bread

I love to give a single gift. To me, the simplicity of that one gift can mean more than a whole pile of gifts.

But I also love to give gift pairs – two gifts that are made for each other. Sometimes they come together easily but often it takes thought and creativity. Ahhhhh the challenge.

So, I have created a gift category called “Perfect Pairs” where I will share my ideas on gifts that go so well together. To start the category I decided on toast tongs and some tasty bread.

A while ago I discovered 12 inch toast tongs and I wondered where they had been all my life. Our kitchen uses a toaster oven over a toaster (do I have to mention the versatility?) and I was forever struggling to get my toast out with the 6 inch tongs. I either burned my hand or had to put too much energy into getting a pot holder. For some reason the toast just always seemed to end up toward the back of the toaster oven.

I use them everyday and want to share them with the world. They would make a great gift in my opinion but a toast tong by itself seems like a lonely gift.

Ah ha! It needs to be paired with another gift – a Perfect Pair. What would be a more perfect match than a delicious loaf of bread? Nothing. They are made for each other.

And think of the possibilities.

Short on time or interest for baking? Pick up a savory or sweet bakery bread or quick bread.

Feel like puttin’ some love into it? Make a delicious bread to give. I love quick breads for the very reason that they are quick, but also versatile (there’s that word again). They are on the top of my list for recipes that can be “tweaked” easily.

This “Perfect Pair” would make a great hostess/host gift.


You could purchase multiple toast tongs and make a fabulous take home gift for guests at your dinner party or brunch. Instead of going crazy making breads galore for a crowd you could…

-make mini loafs

-purchase that delicious bakery bread mentioned above

-attach a recipe card to the toast tongs so guests can make their own bread

-get the guests in on the action and have each guest bring a bread to share. They can take a different bread home with them along with a toast tong, and even a recipe card for a bread that you served at your gathering.

Oh, I can see the toast tongs being passed out already! How exciting!

Before I get too carried away with all of the excitement let me share the details…

Here are some 12 inch toast tongs that I like…thin and flexible but longgggggg.

$7.88 for set of 3

To get you in the mood, I am sharing a few of my quick bread recipes too. Feel free to “tweak” them with your own add ins!

You can “tweak” this Pecan Lemon Loaf using the following flavor combos instead of Lemon Pecan:

– Orange and Walnut
– Lime and Macadamia Nut


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