Uncommon Goods

My organized and creative sides like to give you posts on gift ideas that go together in “tidy neatly wrapped packages with color coordinated bows” that are based on a gift theme and look, oh so pretty.

My practical side keeps an eye on those two other sides because it could mean that I will bombard you with too many posts. Or maybe those two sides would send you all over the web shopping at many sites just to make one gift package.

With those checks and balances in place, the practical side of me won out in this post.

Since I wanted to share a whole bunch of gift ideas from one source, “Uncommon Goods”, all of my sides finally agreed to throw it all at you in one post.

The items from this source have neat stories on the creators of the items…check out their story…


Ok, now for the fabulous gift ideas! There are some gifts here that are just perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays…oh heck, just put your thinking cap on. A “light bulb” is sure to appear over your head at least once!

Get ready…here they come!


I love big bags that I can dump everything in and then swish my hand around for never-ending minutes to find what I need.

The colors got me!

Probably because our outside world is so blah still while I am waiting for spring!

$35.00 for Sari Shoulder Bag



This was one of my biggest obsessions when my muffins were crawling…their little knees! I thought there should be a product like this and had considered creating my own…but they would have been more “utilitarian”, like using cut up socks or something…these are much cuter.

$20.00 for Crawling Knee Pads



I have seen these types of adorable socks around but these are so different and sooooo cute!

Western boots and sandals? Love ’em!

$24.00 – $30.00 for Baby Socks



What a fun token gift for the baker or the kids in your world!

$15.00 for Cupcake Planter Kit



This just screams, “For the Sophisticated Man Foodie!”

Ok, maybe not “screams” since sophisticated people do not scream.

Do they?

I scream. I always thought I was sophisticated. At least that I had the option to be. Hmmmm…

$34.95 for Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank



Totally frivolous! But just perfect for someone you know, I can feel it.

$125.00 for Stone Drink Dispenser



$60.00 for Flavors of America salt Collection


Peek here for more Salt Collection options…




$65.00 for Row Boat Salad Bowl With Serving Utensils



What a wonderful trip down memory lane…

$12.00 for Ticket Stub Diary / $15.00 for Travel Stub Diary



If I lived in the city and biked all over (which is how I picture I would be) this messenger bike bag would be a great gift. It “velcros” to the bike and then has a shoulder strap to tote it around when you get off the bike. There are even pockets for your water etc to keep it handy while on the bike. Clever!

$48.00 for Bike Tote with Shoulder Strap for Grabbing and Going



And since I would have the clever tote on my bike I would also need this Six Pack Holder for the crossbars as I was on my way to all of the social gatherings I would be attending. Water, iced tea or grown-up drinks would travel around with me in style!

$69.00 for Six Pack Bike Bag That Slips Over the Crossbar and Secures With Velcro




Love these!

$40.00 for Beard Pack / $50 for Working Man’s Hygiene Kit



$13.00 for each Choose Your City Glass



The Canon Bookends crack me up.

$65.00 for each Set of Bookends


Ok, you can go now.

But come back soon! I have sooooo many more ideas to share with you 🙂

Have a thought? Happy to hear from you...

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