Which Photo Do You Like Better?

Two “things” are going on here.

First, I just wanted you to know that I am pretty much singlehandedly eating all of the “Grandma’s Best Brownies” that I made a few days ago. You know, the ones that I made for picture-taking purposes so that I could include a photo with the recipe that I wanted to share with you?


Yes, those brownies. And I do not even like sweets “all that much”.

In the “Salty” vs. “Sweets” types of people, I am “salty”, preferring French fries, chicken wings and pizza to candy and chocolates. But something switched a few years ago and a baked good will now get my attention. But a super rich decadent baked good is still sweet. Those brownies that I made are very decadent. A square will do you if you are a “salty” like me. I did cut them into small squares knowing that but I just keep going back for more squares.

Last night I decided to make a Brownie Sundae with some of the brownies that are left.

I am not sure why I did that.

I guess I thought that changing it up would make me feel less like I had eaten the majority of the pan of brownies if it was camouflaged with vanilla ice cream. I could still eat the brownies but now it was a different entree.

What did not occur to me, (until I had a big beautiful sundae sitting in front of me, and then it was too late…what was I going to do, waste it?) is that adding MORE sweet stuff like ice cream, chocolate chips, coconut, green AND red maraschino cherries and caramel sugared peanuts would take it beyond decadent. (Who knew there were green maraschino cherries? But that is for another post…)

It was beautiful sundae. I took pictures to share with you.

This is where the other “thing” comes in.

As I was reviewing my photos to see which one I would select for my post, I came to a point of indecision. None of the photos are all that great, as I discussed in a recent post, because I am just starting to dabble in food photography. So, out of the “better than the rest” selection process there were two pictures that stood out, but for different reasons.

I found myself wondering what you would prefer to look at? A sharper picture that is darker or a picture that is not as clear but is brighter? I do not know the answer to that question.

I decided to include my “winners” here to see if you had any comments on what you would prefer to see. I preferred “B” and “D”, but I threw the other two pictures in there just to make things confusing!

Or maybe it was “A” and “D”…hmmmmmmm

If you have a preference, “Comment” on it and let me know which picture you prefer and why (A,B,C or D).

Or maybe you feel that there really is no difference.

Or maybe you would rather I keep my pictures to myself until I get me some advanced skills!! 🙂

Ok, here they are:


Brownie Pic - A


Brownie Pic - B


Brownie Pic - C


Brownie Pic - D


Have a thought? Happy to hear from you...

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