Red Wine Jelly

My first foray into jelly making was for Red Wine Jelly. I cannot remember what prompted that decision since it seems like fruit jellies would be the more natural choice. Did I see a recipe somewhere? Was I in “creative gift-thinking” mode? Who knows!

In the world of cooking and baking it often takes extra effort for me to plan ahead to have special ingredients on hand because my mind is usually multi-tasking beyond capacity. Jelly is not that taxing because there are few ingredients but I did have to go out specifically for red wine and pectin.

There was a woman I worked with years ago whose favorite line was “RIF”…Reading Is Fundamental. That has stuck with me and has proven true on sooo many occasions.

Like this one.

I bought pectin.

I made jelly.

What went wrong?

Did you know that there are different kinds of pectin? There are. And it makes a BIG difference between what the recipe calls for and what you use. There is no substituting.

As I looked back through the recipe for troubleshooting purposes, I noticed that I needed to buy “liquid pectin”.


Ahhh…that must be why the measurement size on my box of powdered pectin was a completely different number compared to the measurement size of the pectin that the recipe called for. Interesting.

I wondered…could my botched jelly recipe be saved by adding more pectin?

I did what I always do when I am in a cooking related quandary…I went online. That is where I learned a big lesson about pectin.

I am sure, however, that I have not learned my lesson about reading slowly and paying attention.

I learned that my botched jelly could not be saved. Don’t even bother trying. Just chalk it up and start over.

I did and it was a success.

The recipe above is the one that I used to make my Red Wine Jelly. My thoughts on the jelly were that it tasted like a sweet red wine. It was a bit too sweet for me and too much of an alcohol taste, but I wasn’t sure that I was the right judge. I like the idea of having a glass of wine but I get so tired that I want to curl up right then and there and nap. I do not have that option in my “line of work” so I do not imbibe all that often. I shared the jelly with a few red wine lovers but it is just occurring to me that I have never followed up with them to get their review.

Hmmmm…note to self…

Any ways…as I was searching online to find the recipe that I had used, because I did not write down the source of the recipe when I copied it, I noticed that there were other intriguing Red Wine Jelly recipes. Intriguing because the ingredient amounts were slightly different, such as using less sugar for a less sweet jelly.

I might like that.

I settled on the recipe below to share with you too because of the smaller amount of sugar added but also because they really seemed to know what they were doing. Like reducing some of the red wine before adding it to the recipe to create a richer flavor without the alcohol taste. Clever!

See what you think!

(You will have to log into the America’s Test Kitchen site for their recipe at the link above but it is free. I did not want to snag their recipe and send it out to the world myself…it seemed like bad manners! The link to view the recipe is located near the bottom of the page.)


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