Vanilla-Sparkling Wine Pound Cake from Better Homes & Gardens


This looks lovely and is on the menu for my Mother’s Day breakfast…for me!

In place of the glaze in the recipe I am going to make a Honey Yogurt Whipped Cream to dollop on the top.

I used to be very afraid of making homemade whipped cream because the first time I made it I actually made butter.

Then I realized that for a couple of bucks I could practice without a huge loss. I do not like wasting food but in the interest of learning how to make whipped cream, I could let myself off the hook.

My mother gave me a tip that I still use…just in case. She buys 2 or 3 cartons of heavy whipping cream. That way if her first batch is botched, she has backups. Clever!

She also introduced me to homemade whipped cream with almond extract. AMAZING!

The Honey Yogurt Whipped Cream starts by making fresh whipped cream, using confectioner’s sugar in place of “regular” sugar. I think it incorporates better and I have also heard that it helps to stabilize the whipped cream if you are not using it right away or have extra.

Toward the end of making the whipped cream I add a few drops of almond extract and finish beating. Not enough to overpower the real cream flavor, just a small amount to add an extra “je ne sais quoi” to the flavor that takes it over the top. Mmmmmmmmmmm…….

Once the whipped cream is made, I fold in some yogurt to make a smoother less fluffy topping. There are times I like whipped cream and there are times I want it to be a little something else. Any yogurt you like will add a hint of flavor (I use blackberry often). For this recipe I am using a Honey Greek yogurt. Start with 2 tablespoons to see how that suits your taste. You can add the whole 6 oz container.

Top with a fresh blackberry or two, or any fruit of your choice.

I will let you know how it turns out! Maybe even a photo…


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  2. Aaryne McEvoy
    May 13, 2014 @ 18:11:37

    I made this pound cake for my Mother’s Day breakfast. I did not have sparkling wine so I tweaked with a Pina Colada Wine Cooler. The pound cake was as I expected so I do not think that tweak was a problem. I had two changes that I would try the next time that I made this cake: it needed more vanilla taste, maybe another tablespoon or two of vanilla paste – maybe even a combo of vanilla paste and vanilla extract. It also had an “eggy” taste. Not a bad egg taste, more of a custardy baked good eggy taste. I was not expecting that. The recipe needed 5 eggs. I may try just 4 eggs and see what happens. The Honey yogurt whipped cream was a nice complement. I also had some extra strawberries that I mashed with some sugar and made a strawberry shortcake dessert with whipped cream…yum!



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