Switching Gears for Father’s Day…Mustaches Anyone?

Let’s face it…if you haven’t figured out your plans for Mother’s Day yet, the fabulous gift ideas on this site probably won’t save you now unless you want to pay a fortune in shipping fees.

All hope is not lost though, peek at my previous post regarding Mother’s Day for fresh ideas that you can whip up in a jiffy. You just may come out smelling like roses…especially if you buy her some. 🙂

Ok, so while I was giving you all ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, this nagging thought would buzz around my head that went something like this,

“Who am I to pick what would be a good gift for a female that I do not know? I mean, I am a female, so that is a start. But I do not always fit into a female stereotype so why should my gift ideas? I prefer a Whiskey Sour to some fruity drinks. I LOVE tools. I’d just as soon go camping than spend a day getting gussied up.”

I ended up sticking to general stereotypes most of the time for lack of a better idea at this point. I was also figuring that you knew who you were shopping for. If female items were not going to cut it with your giftee then you could check out my “For Men” category and get some fabulous ideas there!

Unfortunately tho, that nagging thought is still buzzing around me as I switch into Father’s Day mode. And now I have lost the “same gender” advantage I was at least working with for Mother’s Day.

I feel better now that I have talked to you about this. It’s a big weight off of my chest…phew!

I will move on and know that if I am not giving you what you need for ideas that you will either tell me or will take it upon yourself to locate the categories that will help you.

That being said, I will start this Holiday Idea Season with a gift that covers male AND female interests…maybe…


$15.00 for set of 5

One side cuts the shape of the cookie and the other side adds the details…clever!



$7.00 for set of 6 Sugar Mustaches to add whimsical decorations to your cupcakes, cookies and more.



$8.00 for Gentlemen’s Bowler Hat & Spectacles Silicone Ice Cube Mold


I was thinking that these could either be the gift themselves or you could purchase them to make the treats to give as gifts.

Sounds versatile doesn’t it?


Have a thought? Happy to hear from you...

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