Iced Coffee…with powdered sugar?

On Saturday, I did not know that I was on my last bag of sugar. That disorganization comes from my current job, stay-at-home momma. I was never like this. Ok, probably old age factors in there too.

So, as I made my Mother’s Day breakfast, Vanilla-Sparkling Wine Pound Cake from BHG, I used up the last bit of sugar. No worries. My toddler and I would stop at the grocery store on Monday after we dropped the other two children off at preschool.

But, then my daughter came downstairs on Mother’s Day with a cold. She was still sick on Monday so we did not go to preschool.

On Tuesday, I did not realize that I was low on my pre-made iced coffee in the fridge (recipe compliments of the Pioneer Woman). ALL of my children were now sick.

When I got out the materials to make a new batch of iced coffee I remembered that I did not have any sugar. I could just make coffee and deal with the sugar later except that all of my children are sick. Who knows when I will get to the store? My husband could stop on his way home from work but he works late and I am guessing that after being with sick kids for days that I will not want him to prolong his return home. I do have flavored creamers that I could get by on but that works for my hot coffee, not iced coffee. And I have not been into hot coffee lately.

Iced Coffee.

Two of the most beautiful words in the English language. Along with “butter, brown sugar, French fries, it’s sunny and 80 degrees, and the kids went to bed early”.

I preach to my children that there is always a solution. So, in keeping with that truth, my mind came up with powdered sugar.

Hmmm? Would that work?

It could be that my mind was functioning on reserve energy because I was awake all night with sick children and a thunderstorm that would not end. No one ever told me that long after my children were able to get to sleep on their own that I would still have sleepless nights when they were sick or because they were afraid of thunderstorms, or both. And I never realized that thunderstorms really only happen at night. For hours. And it seems to stop moving east and just sits over our house for all of those hours. If for some reason a thunderstorm happens during the day, it happens right at naptime so no one can get to sleep. It’s another one of the “Murphy’s Laws of Children” that were not taught in science class but those laws hold true every time.

Back to powdered sugar. I had previously pondered that “recipe” so what the heck? Let’s give it a whirl!

Today is Wednesday, the day that my Iced Coffee was cold and ready.

And so was I.

So was it cleverness or desperation that had me adding powdered sugar to my coffee?

I will say, both. I was desperate so I came up with a clever solution.

Would I do it again?

If I was desperate.

It worked, but I thought I could taste the “powdered” part of the sugar. Maybe it was all in my mind, but part of my enjoyment in coffee drinking is because I enjoy the taste when it is done just right. If my mind is thinking that I am drinking powdered sugar in my coffee at each sip, I discovered that I do not find that so enjoyable. 🙂



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