Under House Arrest

Last night I HAD to get to the grocery store.

I HAD to.

There was no way around it and believe me, I was looking for a way around it.

We were coasting on fumes as far as food was concerned and the trip was way overdue. But a house full of sick children put a kink in my grocery trip plans during the week. It was the first night that I could go because I was not drop dead tired and my crew was well enough that they were not going to need me right away after getting into bed. I still sooooo did not want to go. It has been a long week with my muffins and I was tired and any vim and vigor that I may have had hasn’t been around for a few days. I have not put my battery on the charger yet.

But the only other option was to take the semi-recovering sick crew with me today and that had even less appeal than me going last night.

Let’s face it, this was not really a big issue in the world of parenting. I could “deal”.

When I slowly lumbered out to the car once everyone was in bed, there was a realization that I had not been in a car since last Thursday when I took my muffins to preschool. It had been a week!

A recurring thought throughout the last five and half years of my life popped into my head again…it’s like living “under house arrest”.

That thought always makes me chuckle.

For a week the only connection that I have had with the outside world was when I managed to get out to grab the mail. I even was expecting packages to be delivered but that did not mean that I would see another adult. I have a sign on my doorbell warning people, politely of course, not to ring the doorbell but to knock and that packages may be left by the door. Another one of Murphy’s Laws of Children is that no one rings the doorbell unless everyone is napping. I had to nip that one in the bud early on! Every couple of months I refresh the “warning” with a bright newly penned sign to make sure that sun fade leaves no one wondering what my note says.

My husband knows that he has to check with me first before he heads to the mailbox or out on Sunday morning to grab the paper. It’s a pretty strict “thing” between us. It may be the ONLY time that I have set foot outside the door that day, and often is until the weather warms up. I am someone who loves being outside and it is one of the things that recharges my soul. I will take a sniff through the window if that is all I can get but it’s not the same.

So, with sick kids, my husband working extra days and the weather feeling more like fall is coming than spring (except for the tornado like wind that comes in spring) I have not left the house. As I drove to the store last night there was the slightest feeling of energy and freedom that came over me. Maybe I needed this trip to get groceries? Who knew?

The feeling of accomplishment from that “filling the pantry “endeavor is huge. And one of my favorite moments is the giddy excitement that my children get from grocery day. I love that they get pleasure from simple things.

So, that dreaded trip reached into our little world in many unexpected ways. Trying to feed sick children from an empty pantry leaves me feeling a bit like I am not doing my job well. It certainly will not get me a raise or a promotion. Mini-marshmallows and potato chips do not look like a well rounded meal even when they are accompanied by sunflower seeds. I am ready for my review now.

And I needed bacon for Bacon Friday…


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