19 Years and Counting…


I have had these whiskers in my life for 19 years so far.

I was 24.

His name is Raja.

I have always loved Disney movies and he was named for the tiger in “Aladdin”. His middle name is Mufasa, after the lion in “The Lion King”. Raja Mufasa…it has a nice ring. “Very strong like bull”.

It blows my mind that I could have children going to college instead of going to kindergarten! That would be weird.

He has been with me for my whole “grownup” life. Buddies through a variety of jobs, apartments and houses, relationships of all kinds, dreams and babies. He had a feline buddy, who was a year his younger, that joined us on these life adventures. We were the original “Three’s company”. Ok, we weren’t the original. But boy did we have some silly misadventures.

For many, many years, much more than my mom could take since she wanted to be a grandma to “real” babies, these two cats were my babies. They were so much a part of my world that I even wrote a Christmas story about them as a gift to my husband, then boyfriend, back in 2004 or 2005. I am sure that gift was on his Top 10 List of gifts received for Christmas that year.

I started with this guy – me and Raja – and we are back to “just us” since my other buddy left me 4 years ago. Conveniently, for him any ways, Raja’s hearing left him about the time that his buddy passed away. My second baby was only a few months old. A couple of years later a third baby entered our world. Our house is rarely of the quiet catlike domain that he had been raised in for so many years before ANY babies joined our partnership. His loss of hearing is a gift from God. Again, for him any ways. Now that he cannot hear himself meow, he is SO LOUD. You will not hear a peep from him until nap time and bed time, of course. Another one of “Murphy’s Laws for Children”.

His birthday is celebrated on Thanksgiving day because that was around the time he was born. It seemed fitting to pick that day to celebrate his birth. Aside from a year or two when I may have forgotten him in the Thanksgiving dinner hoopla, he has had turkey and gravy for his birthday dinner.

He has not been the easiest cat to spend life with, (I am guessing he was firstborn like me) but we “get” each other without even a word. I am sensing some changes in his demeanor and am preparing myself for that part of our journey. Until then, we continue on as we always have…together.


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