‘Tis the Season for Flying Flame Bags

As I am sitting here tonight revved up for a “Gift of Gab” session about running, my children have descended from their rooms with a typical non-excuse for why they got out of bed. Having no time during the day for the coherent mental thoughts that are flowing tonight while I am by myself, I have allowed my children to linger before I personally take them up to bed for good.

I am on a roll.

Who knows what my mental capacity will be after I spend 15 minuets lying in a cozy kid room snuggling with my muffins. History has shown my brain is often comparable to a marshmallow when I reappear from their room.

So as I type away like mad, with more time spent correcting typos (I so much prefer to use a desktop than a laptop) than actually filling the page, I hear my daughter point out something to my son as they are looking through the newly opened screen window. He asks me about it but I am barely listening because I am typing turbo speed. I can feel my thoughts slipping away and my post will make no sense at that point.

Finally I look to see what they are discussing and there it is.

The Flying Flame Bag.

What is it with those things?

For those of you unaware, or maybe I was the only one unaware up until last summer, it is some sort of paper balloon that, best I can tell, mimics a mini hot air balloon that party people (they may not really be party people) light with fire and set off to fly away in the night sky.

There is nothing about it that sounds like a good idea to me.

My first encounter with them was last year on a lake vacation when our neighbors lit one. As it climbed it was dangerously close to getting stuck in the tree in front of our place. While they all cheered and yelled “whoaaaaa” (they WERE party people) we were holding our breath and probably swearing a bit. It escaped setting us on fire but who knows if anyone else’s evening ended up not going as planned.

Near our house we have discovered another launch pad and they always fly over our house. I feel compelled to stop what I am doing and head outside to keep an eye on it. From what I can surmise, they are designed to go higher and eventually burn out. I have seen them do that, but there is usually a falling glowing ash that still just seems like a really bad idea to me.

I told my children that I would rather see them toast marshmallows or light sparklers at a party when they get older. They are young enough now to think that everything I say is right.

We will see 15 years from now when a Flying Flame Bag goes over my camp and the party people next to me turn out to be my kids.


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