The Unveiling of…”Make it, Bake it or Buy it…Recipes!”


Yes, I did add a blog for recipes to the “menu” of Make it, Bake it or Buy it! sites. My social life has become “social media life” and I love it. Who knew?

Yes, I am crazy. But featured on that blog site are MY recipes, MY ideas for food gifts that I have created and envisioned, not the ones that belong to someone else that I share. So, I needed a separate place for MY food gift ideas and recipes because it did not seem right to mingle them. Too confusing. (Did you get that these are MINE? Good.)

Oh sure, they would all have gotten along well enough mingling together on this main blog site. But somewhere, somehow, things probably would have become out of hand. One recipe would accuse another of being a “fake recipe” and then the food fight would begin.

So, I did what I had to do. “It’s all part of the plan, more or less.” – (from Special Agent Oso…”he’s a unique stuffed bear”)


Despite the fact that I am still a fish out of water with this main blog and my new Facebook page, in my mind it made perfect sense to branch out and create another blog specifically designed for my own food gift ideas. I have mental issues.

It’s not all recipes. I believe in shortcuts. I believe in half homemade or all store bought tied with a bow. A gift is about the thought and the effort. If you do not have the time or the interest to make something “from scratch” I believe you can still deliver a thoughtful gift and I will show you how. Most often, a “from scratch” recipe can also be accomplished by using shortcuts. So, this blog site offers those ideas as well as tips for packaging and presenting your food gift.

It is a much slower paced project so it will not have the same momentum that this main gift idea blog site has. Can I tell you how time-consuming it is to just write a recipe? Yowzers! Days and days it takes me. I blame my kids, my muffins. They just eat up way too much of my personal time.

Ok, so, my current plan is to keep my recipes and ideas there for my own foods. When I have an idea to share with you I will post it here with a link to the recipe on that site. Similar to the way I share an idea now for someone else’s food – I share that link and then if you like it you go there so they get the kudos. But, now, maybe I would get a kudo. Oooooo, that sounds fun!


There are a small offering of recipes and ideas at the moment, but it will grow. I have numerous notes on recipes and ideas to share with you waiting for me to put them in action. I have discovered that it is really easy to come up with an idea, not so easy to execute that idea.

I have also fiddled with techno language to come up with a way for you to print a recipe if you like it.

Impressed? Me too…big time…

It worked for me, let’s hope it works for you. If not, you know I want to hear from you!

Stop for a visit some time and sample the food ideas for thoughtful gifts…you are always welcome!




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