Little Luxuries, Big Payoff

Somewhere around last fall I started treating myself to Bath & Body’s Foaming Hand Soaps. Previously, I would raid the Dollar Store for my pantry stash of soaps but then my days of perusing the Dollar Store became limited. Having three little muffins around you at all times can do that.

But with 20% off coupons, plenty of sales and shipping deals, the ease of treating myself to these little scented beauties became completely justifiable. Being a stay-at-home momma, my home is my office. I like my office to have some amenities. It’s nice.

The previous night, the little luxury of those hand soaps paid off in a big way.

Beyond justifiable.

They are an absolute must.

They saved me.

This week is the last week of preschool for two of my children, and graduation, as well. The class pitched in on a gift but I wanted to present individual gifts since I have two children in school and since I love gifting. I had already purchased the gifts for the class teacher and planned to add a potted flowering plant for her plus a plant for two other people at the school who are wonderful with my children. A plant is something that I wanted to wait until the last minute to pick up though so that it was alive and vibrant. Being left in my care for too long would undoubtedly produce the opposite result. As much as I love plants and gardening, they take a back seat in my world at this point. They are low on the chain of who I care for, my kids being first, then my cat, then me, then my husband (hey, he can at least make a sandwich if he’s hungry) and then my plants and garden. It’s pretty much a given that unless they can provide some heartiness they ain’t gonna make it.

So, I waited to pick up the plant gifts.

Murphy’s Law of Children touched upon us and one child presented as ill Tuesday. I passed it off as molars, being it was my toddler. Molar ailments are a handy explanation in the face of “I don’t know what’s wrong with that child. Must be teeth.” issues.

But by afternoon I knew it was not teeth. My four year old was having quite a day herself and I passed that off as the “Testy Fours”. (I do a lot of passing the buck apparently). Now, I am figuring that maybe she is testy for a reason and that she has whatever he has if he has something. Off to the doctor’s I go with my toddler.


Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Beginning stages, it appears.

Ugh. this is our family’s first case. Apparently we have dodged this common bullet. The diagnosis makes sense for my daughter too.

It’s Tuesday and I am home with two sick kids and one who is not, thankfully, since he is graduating from preschool on Thursday and it is his big graduation since he heads to kindergarten next year. Serious disease control efforts form. He needs to make it to graduation. My daughter always has next year for her big graduation.

Ok, but now, there is no way I am going to be shopping for plants.

Think, think, think.


I am a gift giver. I love giving gifts and I shop ahead. I MUST have something in my gift arsenal to solve this problem. (There is always a solution!)

I look through my stuff but nothing is feeling quite right. Then, I hit upon an idea. A wonderfully brilliant idea.

Bath & Body Hand Soaps.


They are a perfect token gift. And I have a fabulous stash to raid.

The school gifts were delivered yesterday, my children are not as sick as I was expecting (yet any ways) and graduation will go as planned today.

Sunny days are here. All because my luxury hand soap stash saved the day.


Luckily, I made a recent order to update my supply for this season’s scents. I have a nice stash.


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