Catching up from the Road Trip

It is late on Wednesday evening, the evening of my first day home from our Road Trip, and I am happy with my accomplishments for the day. If you had asked me this morning about my accomplishments, I would not have thought there would be any.

Unpacking is in progress and at least the car is unpacked. The cargo carrier on top is still loaded though and the house is now the holding area for pretty much everything I took out of the car.

Baby steps, baby steps.

We are bathed.

Enough groceries for the next few days have been purchased. Lots of fresh and healthy foods for detoxing.

But…Detoxing will have to wait – apparently I had Nutella on the brain from my post about my cooking challenge. I needed a bedtime snack, which I normally do not do, and I found graham crackers and marshmallows..these really neat marshmallows that I saw while shopping on the Road Trip that are flatter and square…perfect for s’mores. So, I made some. Ooey and gooey and just what I needed. I had milk though so I think that makes it all healthy.

Iced coffee is made and the pitcher is in the fridge to get nice and cool for my morning.

Loads of clean laundry await their final destination.

I put up a good fight towards the teeny tiny brown ants and they are on the move. We will see where they surface next. For bug-phobic wee ones (you will hear about that in my Road Trip Ramblings) they are handling the ants pretty well. You kinda have to because they seem to be everywhere you turn.

Flowers are watered.

Mail has been opened and sorted.

Not bad for the first day home.

Oh yeah…and my first post for my Road Trip Ramblings is actually ready.

Now, go get some sleep and we will start the storytelling tomorrow…good night!


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