Home Sweet Home

I have SO many things to tell you!

I do not even know where to begin.

I guess I should fill you in on a secret…

I have been on a Road Trip for the past few weeks.

I wanted to tell you, I really did, but I did not want to advertise on the World Wide Web that I was away in the event that there were “Would-be Thieves casing the joint”, meaning my house. I could just picture the conversation with the police after my house had been broken into and mentioning that no one knew I was gone except for my neighbor, whom I trust wholeheartedly, oh yeah and I blogged about it…

So, I decided to keep a journal of all of the great blogging material there is when you do a Road Trip with your children to go see all of your family and try to fit in everything you would normally do over the course of a year with them if you lived near family – into a three-week time frame. That provides a lot of blogging material.

I am exhausted. I am so happy we went. I am so happy to be back home. I am happy to be able to get on the Internet without jumping through security hoops.

We arrived back home very late last night after two days of driving and my first morning is always overwhelming. Where do I start? Piles of mail? Bills? Unpacking? Untended house duties? Well, I guess I had better start with battling the teeny tiny brown ants that invade our house every summer. Ugh. Another year of pretending I have any management over those pests. Our soil is sandy and there is no way I win. I basically just keep them on their toes by making them come up with a new entry point to our home every few days.

We need baths. Really need baths.

And groceries. I am eating frozen popcorn chicken for breakfast because I am not a cereal person and that is what is on the menu for today’s breakfast. Mmmmm…coffee and popcorn chicken for breakfast.

Add detoxing to the “to-do” list.

What I really want to do is sit down and chat with you properly since I have not been able to do that over these last few weeks. There is also a giant pile of catalogs that came while I was away and I could plop in a sunbeam with a cup of coffee and look for great gift ideas to share with you. But, I cannot. Not yet, any ways, but I will.


I have a series of stories to share from the Road Trip and I will start that tomorrow…I hope. Will I actually get that organized today? Since I was not that organized BEFORE I left for Road Trip, I wonder, since I am still in charge of those three wee ones who encourage me to multi-task.

Oh yeah…and I have all that unpacking.



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