Women’s Over-the-Shoulder Bag from Ogio


$40.00 for Ogio Shoulder Bag – Brooklyn Style

– I also saw that other retailers sell these bags, just do an online search for “Ogio women’s shoulder bag” –


I picked out one of these over-the-shoulder bags a few years ago for my birthday because I wanted to replace the shoulder bag that I had been using.

I love it!

When I had my first baby, I quickly realized that having a pocketbook that sat on one shoulder was NOT helpful. During all of the ups and downs and bending over that I now had to do my pocketbook kept falling off of my shoulder. Holding it on the crook of my elbow was way too fashionable, and still very much in the way, for my new role.

At that time I found an Eddie Bauer bag that I loved because it crossed over my shoulder and hung around my body. It held my pocketbook type things but also a bottle, diaper and a toy or two. It was just the right size, not too big and not too small. Once I settled into momma-hood and realized that I did not need to take the house with me when I went somewhere, I was able to ditch the diaper bag quite often and just use my new “pocketbook”.

After years of momma-hood, my bag was showing some wear and I started craving a little fashion instead of my sporty bag. I searched online and found this bag in a great bright teal color. Wow…could I switch from my black bag to a bright color? I went for it and loved it!

I still need full use of both hands as well as my shoulders, back, feet, butt and any other available body part as I shuffle my young crew around and cannot imagine NOT having my over-the-shoulder bags.

This would make a FABULOUS baby shower gift or a birthday gift for a mom or anyone who has busy hands as they maneuver their day.

Your hands are free for business and you can load it with the necessities – yours and your children’s – and you can easily dig around in it to grab all of those things. With compartments for cell phones, Burt’s Bees lip balm, Rudolph lip balm, headache medicine (don’t leave home without it), matchbox cars, crayons and paper, your business cards, address book (I am old school), hand lotion and sanitizer, Band-Aids and an extra pair of kid socks…just to name a few things it can hold…your giftee won’t need anything else!!

They will be thanking you for saving them!


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