Road Trip – Our Final Moments in NY

We spent the beginning of our last week on Road Trip at our family host’s home and then we headed to Wells, VT for a mini-vacation at a Bed & Breakfast Cottage to finish off the week. My husband was flying in to meet up with us, relax for a few days and then be my traveling companion for the return-to-home part of the Road Trip.

We busied ourselves “spreading the love” as much as we could those last few days, although we were starting to wear thin. At this point in the journey we are always a bit like we have been eating way too much sugar for weeks on end, which we have.

You can see it in our eyes.

We are a bit crazy.

And we might not be all that pleasant to be around, but the family knows that they only have to endure a few more “moments” with us so they come.

We even had an unexpected visitor one afternoon that was a delight for my children. And it did not care how crazy we looked.



It had been a rainy damp afternoon and the baby squirrel climbed onto the window ledge, checked us out a bit and then covered itself with its little fluffy squirrel tail and took a nap. So cute and of course my kids were “tickled”.

The last leg of our trip was the Fourth of July Weekend. We gained a traveling companion, my husband, and then headed to Vermont to stay for a few days in a Bed & Breakfast before we left to go back to the Midwest. It was one of the best decisions of my life because I was so pampered. At this point in the Road Trip, I needed it. It was just lovely. The owners took great care of us and they had some extra special goodies here and there for the kids. We were located up a four mile mountain dirt road and it was wonderful! More country life for me 🙂


I grew up on a hill and this brought me back to all of those afternoons that I had to trump up the hill after school. I was finally forced to get some exercise on those last few days of Road Trip!

Our first morning in our cozy cottage found me whining, “I just wanna cup of coffeeeeee”, as I quietly tried to fight with the Keuring. I am not a fancy coffee machine person so I had no idea how it worked. I kept pushing buttons but no coffee was coming. I kept pushing.

Pushing buttons eventually paid off and I got coffee, but I never discovered the secret. Our hosts brought us coffee in a carafe so I was saved. I left the other grown-ups with a “good luck” and drank my hard earned coffee. I decided that I do not like these types of coffee makers, not so much because it almost won, but because I like to refresh my cup of coffee eighteen times and I cannot do that with a one-cupper. Good to know. I can scratch that item from the giant list of technology things that I am way behind on.

On our final day family joined us once again for a last hoorah and then we were off on our trek across the country. We had such a lovely time, as always, going back to be with family and friends. But now, we are so ready to go home.

This mini-vacation had a much better outcome regarding nature. My older son and I caught frogs in the pond. All of my children loved going up and down the hill and playing outside with family, still mindful of bugs, of course. But they went outside more and forgot their bug phobia for a few moments.

It was so nice to be back in New England, one of our favorite areas. I am still trying to figure out how we can move here, buy a trendy farm, and make it work. No light bulbs yet!

So, I had to pack up the van AGAIN…but at least the packing business would be over in a few days, for a while.

Road Trip – Return to Home…here we come, ready or not!


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