I’m Seeing Green!

It’s not money.

It’s not envy.

It’s turtles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I have a boy’s birthday party coming up and the desired theme was TMNT…that’s the cool way to say “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. And it just so happens that I know a lot about these TMNT. That’s the cool way to say that I am a cool mom.

I know you know I love gifting. And sometimes parties go hand in hand with gifts. So I had a great time coming up with this birthday party.

The past few parties that I have planned involved me ordering theme related accessories online because most stores are just not open at midnight when I can get out to shop. Except for grocery stores. And I probably could throw one heck of a party from a one-stop shop at a grocery store. Hmmmm…that may be a future gifting challenge! (My husband is probably getting worried that it will be for his birthday if he is reading this. He should.)

But, that is not the challenge that I came up with for myself regarding this birthday, mainly because I did not think of it until now. The challenge that I gave myself for this party was to get a bit creative and not rely on premade theme accessories. I also needed to go out and physically shop for presents because some of the items that I wanted to purchase were not available online.

I did quite well at the Dollar Store purchasing my plates, cups and napkins if I do say so myself. I was able to get them in red, blue, orange and purple, which are the colors of each of the four TMNT. Clever!

A Party City stop was included so that I could pick up a few theme related supplies, but I took my time thinking about what I could use creatively versus just stuffing my handheld basket and racing to the counter, which is my normal shopping strategy these days.

The birthday present shopping venture was not quite as successful. The selection was limited on the items that I wanted that were not available online. I had to rethink some of it, which was exhausting. Toy related shopping for my own children is exhausting. I feel like I wander the aisles staring at shelves and shelves of toys, books, games, educational items etc. and I have no clue what to get them. You would think I would have an inside edge. I don’t. Friends and family often do much better than I do. It is easier for me to shop for someone else’s child because I see something I like and I get it.

With mine I think…

They already have something like this so we do not need this.

My toddler will get into it.

That looks messy and I will have to do work.

Can they figure that out?

That has a lot of noisy buttons.

How long will they actually play with that?

If I get that for one, I need to get it for all.

And so on…

When it is not my child that I am buying for, none of those thoughts botch up the buying process, it is all just fun shopping for me and the muffins I am buying for.

Exhausted, hungry and far from finished I packed it in and headed home. I had been excited to actually go out and shop versus click away online because I rarely do that. Now I know why I buy online. Thank goodness for home delivery and the people who help to bring it to me!

After regrouping, I was back on task. There are fun foods to plan, activities and shopping still to be done. There is no backing out now.

Stay tuned for the party post!


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