Timber Tote & Peel N’ Stick Calendar

I know you are thinking, “What in the world do they have to do with each other?”

By themselves, nothing.

But in my “Gift of Gab” session, they are part of a story. This post will result in two gift ideas, but first I have to tell you how I found those gift ideas.

Here we go…

Last night I had to run out for


milk and


my pictures that were waiting for me at Walgreen’s.

A few times a year I have a ridiculously large photo order because I print pics to send along with thank-you notes to family and friends. I like to send the personal touch, such as printed pictures and a handwritten thank you note. Partly because some family members are not part of the technology age so there would be no other way to do this, aside from a phone call, I guess. But I also like to slow life down a bit and get away from technology.

Not that I am all that up to speed with technology. For example, the pictures stored on my cell phone got away from me and now I have no more memory left to add any more. I used to email myself the pics so that I could save them on my computer but I had not performed hat duty in a while and there are too many now. No problem right? I can just take it into Walgreen’s and connect to their printers and get my images to print.

Well, I connected my phone but nothing happened automatically like the instructions said it would. When I asked for assistance, the employee, a young hip person who probably has not seen the likes of my kind of phone, told me after a few moments of nothing happening that the printer’s computer probably couldn’t read my phone like it could with the newer phones.

I think my phone is only two years old, maybe three. It is sad to think it is out of date, even though it was not cutting edge technology when I got it.

While I was out and about, which does not happen all that often, I decided to take a look at make-up because I have seen promising advertisements in my magazines about beauty aids that can work wonders. My appearance since I have become a mom takes a back seat to just getting out the door. There isn’t time for both. Cat eyes and sleek sandals are a luxury. But I do like to keep in touch with the trends so I can feel somewhat connected to my youth.



So, I purchased these for the promise that my dark circles would be hidden, my cheeks would have a rosy glow and my eyelashes would expand 200%. I hope I can still see out of my eyes with all of those lashes!


Then I saw this Peel N’ Stick wall calendar that I really decided I needed recently to track all of our whereabouts and my new responsibilities since we are entering the age of education.


This, by the way, is the first gift idea I thought of. It would be a wonderful surprise for someone you know who needs to keep track of their lives all of a sudden – or maybe they should have been doing it a long time ago. It is a perfect “Just Because” gift.


Don’t forget to add the dry erase markers.

The colored Sharpies were an impulse buy. I told you that I love office supplies.

My next stop was the grocery store where I needed to purchase the milk I showed you earlier as the reason I needed to be out in the first place. After I had checked out, I saw this along the wall at the grocery store as I was leaving.

It looked marvelous so I kept repeating the name until I got home and could look it up.

It is a Timber Tote, my second gift idea. Basically, it is an all-inclusive campfire in one log. So cool!

It seemed like a great gift idea if you are joining up with someone for a campfire. It appears to burn for a while, so I suspect you need to plan to chill out but isn’t that the whole point of a campfire?

I have included a link to a video so you can check it out for yourself.

The next time you are in your hardware store or grocery store, inquire about it!


Price range $5.00 – $10.00

Ok, that is the end of my “Gift of Gab” session.


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