Farm Fresh Goodie Basket & Zucchini Muffins


How about surprising someone with a basket of fresh farm goodies? Veggies, fruits, cheeses or homemade jams tucked into a basket would be the perfect end of summer gift.

(Ok, yes, my basket of fresh goodies does look a little stingy. That’s because we ate a lot of the farm fresh goodness that we recently purchased and I did not think of my basket idea until I realized how much I enjoyed it all and figured someone else might too. Who knows when I will get back out to replenish our harvest and by then the idea will be past its usefulness. So, please…add more veggies, fruits and baked goods to your basket – mine is really just a teaser!)

You could even add a homemade zucchini bread (and make one for yourself too!).

Here is a recipe that I used to make zucchini muffins for the “First Day at School” gathering…and some jumbo muffins for our own Sunday breakfast – delicious! (Of course we ate the jumbo muffins except for one – that’s the one that made it into my photo shoot.)


(The recipe makes 2 loaves. I made 2 batches for a total of 4 loaves. I dropped the sugar to 2 cups and dropped the spice to a little less than a teaspoon because zucchini is mild and I did not want it to be a spice bread. For the first batch I used Cinnamon and for the second batch I used Pumpkin Pie Spice so that the “spice” was a little less identifiable.)

Top the zucchini bread with an Apricot Cream Cheese Frosting dollop, add a dried apricot garnish and you have the perfect Farm Fresh Goodie Basket!

I found the recipe at The Baker Chic when searching for Apricot Buttercream. (I have not heard back if I can share the recipe…I will update the post when I do!)

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