Have a Sprinkle Party!


The beginning of the summer found me buying Pink Lemonade canned frosting at the suggestion of a family member. They said it was super tasty and a great “on-hand” item. I also keep cake mixes on hand because, although I do like a homemade cake, I also enjoy a cake mix cake. And you can’t beat the ease of one either.

Then the end of summer came and it found me still holding on to that can of Pink Lemonade frosting and a French vanilla cake mix. What was a girl supposed to do? I cannot enter the fall season with Pink Lemonade frosting sitting in my lazy-susan. It just felt wrong.

Well, this girl decided to have a sprinkle party. And even though you do not need to have a reason to have cupcakes, I love to make every moment a reason to celebrate, especially the simple moments in life. So we celebrated the last princess ballet class for the summer. It seemed like a good reason to celebrate…Oh, and my local grocery store was offering coupons for buy one get one free bakeware so I bought jumbo muffin pans, which seemed to be just the pan for a sprinkle party. Let the celebration begin!


Jumbo French vanilla cupcakes from a cake mix paired with store-bought Pink Lemonade frosting and a make-your-own cupcake selection of toppings was a super easy, super fun and super tasty celebration this past weekend. Gifts and gatherings do not need to be fancy and time-consuming every single time. If I had had to make the cupcakes and frosting, we would not have had a celebration, because it was not the weekend for me to pursue that hobby. Luckily, I am just so super flexible that breaking out the store-bought goodies to whip up a fast celebration was something I was ok with!


Everyone got to decorate their own cupcake and oh, what fun we had!

Here is a guest’s cupcake – lots of toasted coconut…


Here is the ballerina’s…(I am not sure why the sprinkles were on the plate and not on the cupcake but I am sure there was a valid reason.)


and here is her sibling’s…


As you can see, it was a “thumb’s up”…

and here is mine…mmmmmmm……


This was also the first time that I got out my pastry bag and large tip – a gift from my Easter basket – and tried using it on my cupcakes. It just shows that you are never too old to learn…or to keep practicing! Having a sprinkle party came in handy because the toppings hid the imperfections in my frosting technique.



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