That is the sound of the Holiday season hitting us from behind.

It’s right around the corner! Arghhhhh! How did that happen? I was just waiting for the long winter to change to spring and here it is right in front of me.

I have held off as long as I could and I am just going to jump right in and start to share some gift ideas that are especially fun for co-workers, holiday exchanges, token gifts with friends and families and the likes. I recently received one of the holiday catalogs that is my adult version of the Christmas Big Book from Sears and JC Penney (yes, I am dating myself) and I felt like a kid again! Although, I pretty much always feel like a kid come to think of it…

And, I am starting right in with pure holiday gifts, no dancing around the topic. I will share some specific ideas that I have come across but you can also take the idea and go do your own browsing to make the gift fit your gift-giving needs.


$9.95 for set of 4 mugs, 2 different sets to choose from, Lakeside Collections

Coffee mugs can be a great gift idea for co-workers because most people have some sort of cup available at work whether for coffee, tea or any other beverage. These looked fun because there are boy AND girl reindeer sporting a variety of personalities – there is sure to be one for each of the people you work with. These come in sets of 4 which makes them an economical gift because you would break up the set and add a little somethin’ somethin’ to make a great goodie! You could pair these with local tea or coffee or get “in the mode” and make homemade marshmallows.

The Republic of Tea has a few tea sampler sets that would work wonderfully…


$6.95 for 12 Count Custom Tea Gift – you select the teas!

Martini Mixers – Cranberry Cosmo, Apple and Blueberry

Margarita Mixers – Original, Strawberry and Citrus


$6.95 per set, either Margarita Set or Martini Set from Lakeside Collection

Pair these fun gift sets with a fun glass and you are on your way to great gifts . These mixers are non-alcoholic so your giftees can either add their own alcohol or keep it non-alcoholic with bubbly sodas, sparkling waters or fruit juices.


I am a big fan of giving books with a holiday theme during the holidays, whether it is for kids, men or woman. Here are a few ideas…

Debbie Macomber


Mary Higgins Clark


$9.95 for each set of 3 from Lakeside Collections


I celebrate Christmas so these 3 books caught my eye as potential gift ideas for my own gift giving…


$12.95 for Christmas on Jane Street book from Bas Bleu



$19.99 for The Lion Storyteller Christmas book from Bas Bleu



$13.47 for Approaching Christmas book from Amazon


Stay inside where it is nice and toasty and have your snow fun!



$9.95 for each – Snowball Fun or Indoor Snowball Fight


Ok, now I am pooped and I did not even do any of my own shopping here…I need a coffee.


Have a thought? Happy to hear from you...

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