My Summer “Thank You Note”

There are so many wonderful things about summer and the people who make mine wonderful. It would be lovely if I could remember all those that I should thank, but my mental fog cannot clear past today, so I will give a shout-out and say…”You know who you are!”…even though they really don’t.

Two moments today gave me reason to pause and realize that my summer fun is not just dependent on my own action.

The first thankful moment is for the ice cream truck, but not the usual ice cream truck that rides up and down the streets slowly passing your house everyday with frozen summertime treats looking for kids to run out with their dollars. THAT truck only visits our house maybe one time in the beginning of the summer and we often miss it because we were not expecting it. We live in an undeveloped development with children few and far between to make it good business sense to frequent our world. So, they don’t. But we can hear them all summer long serving treats to other kids on neighboring streets that do have lots of kids and we always hope it will come our way. That is how the summer goes.

I grew up in the country and did not even know about the ice cream truck until I graduated from college and had my first apartment in a small city. I thought ice cream trucks were from the past, a wonderful story told to children about the simple life of long ago. I was excited to think that they really did exist. Just like Santa and the Easter Bunny.

But my kids do know that they exist and they know that they are not getting a visit. It is a bit sad. We could get in the car and drive around looking for them but that somehow is not what it should be about.

Last summer my husband found an ice cream truck that is willing to make house calls. But they are more of a party truck so they are not quite as equipped as the usual ice cream truck supplied with summertime treats. But my muffins are young enough that they have not caught on yet and we have had this appointment-style ice cream truck come at the end of summer after we have confirmed that no other truck is ever going to come to our house for the season.

Today we had an appointment for the ice cream truck at 4:30 so that we could celebrate making it two weeks in kindergarten. It was something for my kindergartener to focus on other than all the new things at school. My kids were so excited for the truck to come. Last year I pretended it was a random visit but the gentlemen gave me his card so that we could call him again and my kids understood all of that. So this summer they kept asking me to call the ice cream truck. They knew this visit was planned but they were not the least bit upset by that. It was a fabulous summer kid moment.

As we sat outside enjoying our treats, we noticed that some other children at a home across the park in our undeveloped development were looking excited so we mentioned that he may have some other customers. Hey…you have to look out for each other with these kinds of things! The appointment-style ice cream truck made a stop and made some other kids have a great summer memory. For them, it was a random visit!

Thank you appointment-style ice cream truck, you made a summer memory for us! We will call you to set up an appointment next summer…

And, well, there is a slight hitch to the truck coming to your house. You need to fulfill a minimum order to make it worth their while to come out. I have absolutely no problem with that and we usually spend more than the minimum since this is our only truck visit. I do not feel the need to set the parental limit to one treat as I would if the truck would be making multiple visits.

But after the sugar high of various treats, snow cones, vanilla ice cream cones and cotton candy, I needed salt.




Hello french fries of every kind that I could find in my freezer and BLT’s made with fresh summer tomatoes from our neighbor’s garden…and bacon from Bacon Friday.

Which brings me to my next, “thank you”.




I have not been able to plant a garden of substance in years and did not even bother fooling myself this year that I could. If it were not for my neighbor and the vegetable stands along the road in my world, I would miss out on the one of a kind tastes that summer garden food can offer. I would not have been able to make amazing zucchini breads and muffins – (I have not put those recipes on my blog yet…I am getting here!). I would not have been able to freeze fresh tomatoes for the long cold winters. I would not have been able to freeze fresh cut corn off the cob for Thanksgiving dinner and any other dinner this winter – or make my corn cake fritters. I would not have had the best BLT’s ever or these delicious little orange cherry tomato thingys with green onion goat cheese – so simple to make but with such a huge fresh taste.

Thank you to the gardeners who share their supply with me and some day I hope I will be able to garden away and pay it forward!






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