Off the Cuff Holiday “Token” Gift Ideas

I  probably should define my use of the word “token” gift.

To me, those are gifts that are reasonably priced and often given as a little “somethin’ somethin'” when you are looking to keep it within reason, say maybe $20 and under. Often that would mean, coworkers, friend & family gift exchanges, teachers, postal deliverers, trash collectors etc.

I have been sitting on this list for a while thinking of the moment when I will leisurely sit down and provide you with the links to pictures and websites that house some of these ideas. I picture myself feeling rested and having the mental wherewithal to enjoy a cup of coffee and “create”. Well, that moment has not come up yet and I am having to accept the fact that it probably will not. Most likely, I will be able to share these ideas in dribs and drabs. That is not as much fun.

So, I thought I would just shout out all the ideas that I had jotted down during a brainstorming moment when I was asked if I had some ideas for gifts for coworkers that were around $10.

I do!

Here they are in simple list format. Feel free to take the list and run with it. Eventually, I plan to share some links to sites where these ideas are available. If anything is of interest and you do not wish to wait for “eventually” to happen, shoot me an email or post a comment and I will jump to the task and get you more info on where to find these items.


Cookie Cutters and Sprinkles or other cookie decorations (ex. a large gingerbread person or house cookie cutter with a bag of gum drops)

Holiday scented wall plug-ins – the unit and the fragrance

Flavored baking sugars

your favorite holiday music CD

a Grinch cookie cutter and a copy of the book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas – esp fun if you are a boss or a grouchy person!

This is a little strange but it could work…bright red toothbrush and cinnamon toothpaste (could tuck it into a red stocking if you celebrate Christmas)

Advent calendars

homemade marshmallows

holiday scented room sprays or diffusers

seasonal quick bread that you bake or buy

wrapping paper with a favorite or family recipe on it from

seasonal hand soap and hand towel (you knew that was coming!)

a holiday game or puzzle

cook books

seasonal coffee cup with bag of  local coffee or tea

gift of time – take someone to lunch or breakfast

basket of muffins and delicious flavored butter




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