“The Cleaners are Coming!”

Those words uttered my mouth more than once this morning as I tried to get my kids ready for school and ready my house for cleaning assistance. Once a month, I have a pair of fabulous ladies come and tidy up whatever I did not manage to clean before they get here, which is everything. I  do manage to keep the basics clean – toilets and sinks, crumbs off the floor and counters relatively crumb free but dust has free reign as do finger prints on appliances. I do not know how other moms keep up because I can’t. Or maybe I just willingly decide to hold up the white flag.

I used to have help bi-weekly but I was “mean momma” way too often because I have to do A LOT of work to get my house ready to be cleaned. I do not expect those lovely ladies to move our clutter and pick up our toys etc. So, as I cleaned a room and went on to the next, my crew were behind me undoing all of the picking up that I had done. I finally had an out-of-body experience and heard myself tense and grumpy over getting my house cleaned. It was not worth it and it won’t last forever. So, I only do it once a month now. Someday, I will have all the time in the world to clean and organize as I did pre-children…or maybe I never will. Either way, it was not important.

Once they are finished, I come in and put back everything that I had to hide. It’s exhausting.

My counters never look like this these days…


(Yes, that is a towel taped to the corner of the counter. Little heads were bumping into it so I made a bumper years ago. Those bumpers are scattered throughout my home on door handles, bed frames, stair railings!)

My counter does not look like that now either and they were here this morning. I usually take a “moment” with my clutter-free and clean counters before I defile them again. It’s a lovely “moment”.

Today’s cleaning happened to be timely because I invited our neighbor over for dinner to thank her for keeping our food refrigerated last week. (Here is the first post if you missed my “living without a fridge for a week” pathetic-ness.) Because inviting someone over to my chaotic toy strewn home with tiara wearing and super hero clad wee ones running around is a wonderful way to thank someone who does not live under these conditions and whose home is immaculate and all in order. Sometimes I just do have the best gift ideas.

I was prepared for all of the “love” that would bombard our neighbor as she joined us, and I suspect she was too. The funny thing is that my children were quiet, they participated nicely or went to play quietly, we all had dinner at the same time, which never happens at this point in our world, I was actually wearing street clothes and not comfy clothes and my dinner was well put together versus thrown together. It was NOT a normal night at our house at all! I told her that she lucked out and have been chuckling about it ever since.




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