Good Momma, Bad Momma or Crazy Momma?

Here in our Midwestern world the Trick or Treating weather looked pretty similar to the blizzard on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, minus the snow accumulation.

All day garbage cans (it was garbage day) were flying by our house. My wee ones plastic toy house out in our back yard took a tumble and I am pretty sure that I saw an elf roll by.

We had snow flurries and the wind blew sideways. ALL day…even now.

It was scarier than any Halloween gimmick that I have ever seen and I tried to put it into my wee ones heads that it was just not going to be fun heading out there. They agreed with my statement but it never entered their minds that we SHOULDN’T go out to gather candy.

I could have put my foot down. But, instead, I said that we would probably only make it to a few homes that were next to each other and then we would call it a night.

Our town sets a date and a time frame for Trick or Treating and we headed out right as the clock ticked 5pm. I drove around the corner to a more densely populated street knowing that more houses and less distance between them was just plain good math. We made three houses at our first stop, then piled into the car to warm up and drive three or four houses down to be in the middle of another closely grouped set of homes with their lights on (I love that universal sign of “candy here”).  Then we did it again. I think I made 4 stops and we actually made it to quite a few houses, at least by our standards based on the expectation that we would only get to four or five and because my kids are still young so their math ability is unripe.

I was the only soul out with my wee children. I started to feel a bit like a bad mother that I was taking my young children out in this weather to get candy no less that we did not need. Because people did not expect to get many visitors due to the weather, they packed our bags full. My kids were thrilled and I was content that we would only need to go to a few houses for a respectable load of loot.

Eventually we were joined by others who braved the weather to fill their loot sacks too.

I am from the Northeast so fair-weathered Halloweens typically are few and far between. This particular one was extreme but I was game in the name of adventure and stocking up on yet another great story to tell around the Thanksgiving Dinner table in the years to come. I do not remember a Halloween as a kid where I did not have to wear my coat OVER my homemade costume, along with a hat and mittens. That frustration can still spark a great conversation as I tell about my suffering. My kids should have that too.

And they did. We had another crazy Halloween story to add to the one that happened 2 or 3 years ago where it rained and was windy and we suffered for that candy.

Back at the homestead, we warmed up as we surveyed the loot and made our choices for the first “dig-in” moment. I am not sure if I was a good momma, a bad momma or a crazy momma, but I think all three fit for different reasons!


My kids were wild-eyed and unrecognizable from two days of Halloween parties and junk food that we normally do not encounter. Those couple of celery sticks that I threw into the mix to combat the sugar never stood a chance. I too was feeling “off” from my loot choices and decided to combat mine, not with celery sticks, but with popcorn and a Diet Pepsi. I suspect that I will be sorry. And if I am not careful, I will need candy to offset the salty popcorn – and then I will be found in the morning in a heap of candy wrappers and un-popped kernels moaning about Halloween.


I am looking forward to Thanksgiving now and a different kind of gluttonous sickly feeling from overeating.



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