Stomach Bug…The “Beauty and the Beast”

Our family is expected to share, but sometimes that means the bad stuff too.

We were all afflicted with a violent stomach bug over this past weekend as it went from one family member to the next. No one was left out. How kind.

As I miserably counted down the hours for the 24-hour bug for myself, as well as each member that I had the pleasure of caretaking for, I saw the “beauty and the beast” of the stomach bug.

Beast – mountains of laundry, and I mean mountains. All of the old towels and sheets and blankets that I have ever saved were pulled out for duty this weekend and then piled into the laundry room as they performed their service. It was not long before it all spilled out into the hallway. I am not sure that I will ever catch up.

Beauty – the family had to pitch in to help momma when it was my turn to dance with the stomach bug. While camped out in my pitiful state I heard my 6-yr old ask my 2-yr old if he wanted to run errands with he and his father because they had not been afflicted yet and were elected for errand duty. Naturally, he did. Then I heard my 6-yr old begin to undress the 2-yr old which included lots of giggling and instructions on where to put your arm to get it out of the shirt. Knowing that this should not be an unsupervised moment I dragged my sorry buns upstairs to see my two boys in under garments and diaper while the 6-yr old was rummaging through the closet and drawers for something that the 2-yr old could wear. So darn cute! The 2-yr old was all on board and just followed his brother around. I went to get my husband so he could see them and in that brief moment, they had moved into the 6-yr old’s room and my toddler was now diaperless. He only knows how to get off his socks and his diaper so that was his contribution to getting ready. I had to step in now, as it was only a matter of moments before I was going to need more towels and NOT for a stomach bug.

Beast – for some reason, all 3 of my children had the active part of the stomach bug at night. This meant that I was up all night since the bug hit every 15 minutes for hours then slowly tapered off over the rest of the night.

Beauty – The stomach bug hit at night for my kids so that they would “respond” to the bug and then go back to sleep because they were so tired. The moaning and self-pity that came with my own day-time active stomach bug was a lot less for my kids at night. I could also focus on the sick ones and be relieved of my other day time caretaking duties, which would have had my sick buns running even more ragged.

Beast – two of my children started the bug at bedtime together so I spent the night of my own day time sickness running back and forth between rooms. I had no sleep that night, which followed my own day-time afflicted state and had previously had little to no sleep the 2 prior nights because of the stomach bug in my family.

Beauty – By that evening when 2 of my children were sick simultaneously I was getting past the active part of the stomach bug so I was not “in the loop”.

Beast – it’s hard to eat so everyone is hungry constantly but cannot eat much, then they are hungry again in 5 minutes.

Beauty – when my husband gets groceries he is brand name all the way! And “super-size”. I am the exact opposite – I buy generic and if it costs more then $3, I do not want to buy it. That applies to meat, cheese, clothes and tires too. So, I got a nice brand name tub of baking cocoa that I am very excited to use when we get past this stomach bug thingy. And we have the biggest box of Froot Loops (not “Friuty-O’s”, mind you) that I have ever seen. It will not even fit in the cupboard. Those real Froot Loops nursed me back to health little-by-little the night that I was on double active duty with 2 sick kids and my own recovering system.

Beast – I am home with 3 sick kids.

Beauty – I get to say things like, “Please pick up your dishes, nobody took care of me when I was sick”.

Beast – I just had Stanley Steamer (carpet cleaner) at my house.

The Beauty of this Beast – I lost weight and am ready for the Bakery and Overeating season and all I had to do was suffer for a few days! Easy peasy.

The BIGGEST BEAST – I jinxed myself because a wee one just threw up and I thought that we were past that. Ugh.

The BEAST wins…


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