“VIP” Opportunities

As a parent you get the chance to groove with some very important “people” if you choose to hang in certain circles. The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy are some of the most recognized celebrities in those circles. I have yet to meet the “Elf on the Shelf” – he hangs with a much younger crowd and I am not sure that I have the energy for his acquaintance. I have heard that he can be fun but he can also be a lot of work. I have also learned to stay away from those types…

I was very excited to have new access to these VIP when I became a parent because of my own long history with them as a child. But when it came time to introduce them to my children, I was unexpectedly hesitant. It is what I had been excited about and I had been looking to enjoy their traditions on a new journey for myself, so why was it hard to share my precious children?

Because I knew that there would come a day when they were older that the VIP’s would stop visiting us. That will most likely be difficult and I did not want that part of our hobnobbing. Because I had created an acquaintance with these VIP’s that I would later forever alter with information that I had known all the time. The future separation was already difficult for me and we had not even begun yet.

That was a few year’s ago.

The Tooth Fairy came last night. I had decided to keep with a tradition that had been important and special to me as a child since I am a semi-well adjusted adult, (it’s debatable, I know) despite separating from these VIP’s in my 20’s and 30’s – ok, it was much earlier than that I suppose. NOT sharing these relationships with my children did not sound like a better option so I went along for the ride figuring that I had some time to adjust.

A wee one lost a top front tooth, very timely of course for the annoyingly famous Christmas song “All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”, and the 2nd top tooth was barely hanging on by a root. But despite the 2nd tooth’s exposed gum and twirling hanging nature, it was not going to share the limelight with its twin so there will be another Tooth Fairy visit tonight.

The biggest problem that I have come to see with these VIP’s, way beyond my distress from sharing misinformation, is that they all come at night. And their appearance in our home always seems to be discovered in the wee hours of the morning.

At 4am, I had already learned of the Tooth Fairy’s visit. It was very exciting, of course, but I am coming off of a marathon of sleepless nights due to weeks of illness in some fashion for my kids and before that I think they were newborns. No sleeping then.

I hopped back into bed after hearing about the Tooth Fairy in the hopes of seeing “The Sandman” within minutes. I have kept his acquaintance to myself though because he always seemed a bit scary when I was a kid.

He never made it, did not even stand a chance of getting near me. There were various other visits, not from VIP’s, but from my wee ones with bathroom needs or other issues. My daughter ended up needing to crawl into bed with me because she was afraid in her room by herself. She currently shares a room…

At 6am she and I were still awake, despite my best attempts, when my toddler woke for the day. My daughter decided that she was not going to get up, even though she was the reason neither one of us made it back to sleep, and she even decided to go back into her own bed to get some more sleep.

Kids and VIP’s can be a lot of work…



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