My Christmas Crazies Calmed

I did not exactly veg out the last few days doing things unrelated to the holidays, specifically holiday shopping, which had been my plan once the Christmas Crazies hit me, but I am feeling balanced again and I “got my mojo back”.

I knew I would. I just love this time of year.

Having much of my shopping and wrapping completed for those giftees who get their packages mailed to them, it was simply a matter of boxing them up and shipping them out. That was fun and it always makes me feel like the holidays are swinging now once the presents start their journey. Of course, I ran out of packing tape toward the end of boxing up my gifts so I had to run out for more. That trip proved fruitful because I found a few gift items that I needed, which completed some more packages. Yes, on a roll now!

I also made some chocolate-covered cherries. Did you know that you could make your own chocolate-covered cherries? I did not. I love chocolate-covered cherries and the recipe looked doable so I did that on my “break” the last few days. They were delicious! I had stumbled onto the recipe while looking for something else so I tried it. I actually have two recipes and have only tried one. The fabulous part is that they are supposed to be made weeks ahead of time so that they “mature”. I love that, especially since I know there is a cold lurking in the shadows just waiting to infect my family as soon as Christmas gets closer. I have been freezing cookie dough and trying to get as much accomplished as possible so that I can just ride out the end of the Christmas season enjoying the fruits of my labor. These chocolate-covered cherries are part of that labor, the only problem is leaving them along to “mature”. Traditionally, I pick up a box of chocolate cherries and eat one a day, maybe two if I am feeling really up to the sugar high. luckily I have plans to try the other recipe so there will be plenty of cherries to carry me through if I decide that they have matured enough.

Here is the recipe that I tried. They were pretty easy but it does take time because you are shaping individual cherries. For me, it was a night-time activity.

and here is the next recipe that I am planning to try…

We also picked up our Christmas tree, which is pretty much like stopping at a drive-thru to get it because I have used a small temporary local tree lot the last few years to take away the pressure of driving for three weeks to a tree farm to cut my own. It’s not as much fun but it’s part of my balanced holiday. This trip to get our tree was super exciting because a photographer from the local paper showed up while we were there and since we were the only ones tree shopping, he took a picture of my three small muffins dragging the tree to our car. I was just so proud.

Naturally, I ran out to pick up every paper that I could find the next day. It’s a local paper so I had to make two stops to get enough to cover the family who was going to receive this with their Christmas gift this year. Times have changed from my youthful days of being in the paper when you could call up the newspaper and ask to have them send you a picture. First of all, it is available online so I could email everyone the story, which I did. But that is not as much fun as getting the paper and my older relatives are not online so I needed paper copies. Secondly, there is a fee to get your picture but in addition to getting a picture you can get a mug, tee-shirt, mouse pad, key chain, pillow case, etc. – you could probably get a Fat Head too. I opted for the digital copy so that I could take some time to figure out how many people needed mugs for Christmas…

That simple small town experience was rejuvenating as well, so here I am back in full holiday mode.

Ok, I am off now to post some gift ideas…thanks for listening!



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