10th Ave. Soapworks

I know that you are thinking that I have lost my marbles (again) because this is a post about soap, not zucchini.


Did you know that a Loofah (those scratchy body puff thingys for the bath and shower) are actually vegetables, which means that they are grown in a garden? Me neither (or me either).

I always thought it was a sea sponge.

My husband caught a TV show that was spotlighting a Wisconsin company called “10th Ave. Soapworks”  that makes soap and we learned that interesting tidbit about the loofahs. Here is the link to the owner’s site and her fabulous footage of a loofah’s development. Yes, I probably should get out more but I really DO think this is fascinating! That’s the loofah up there in that picture, not a zucchini.  (http://tenthavenuesoapworks.blogspot.com/2014/03/loofah-from-seed-to-soap.html)

Ok, so my first thought was that I want to grow some in my non-existent garden and my second thought was that they would make a great craft to give as gifts.

My third thought was that I will not be getting to any crafts (or a garden) so why not look for the company and share what they have already made. It would undoubtedly make a much better gift than the ones I made.

So, I looked up the company and found some great gift ideas to share with you. Being from Wisconsin myself, it is always fun to see what your “neighbors” are up to!

The company is called “10th Avenue Soapworks” and here are some of their fabulous looking soaps to give as gifts! They even have some for your winter-time gifting needs.

All of these fabulous soaps and many more, along with other items, can be found here:


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$5.00 for Oatmeal Honey Loofah


Item collection bd12f337 49f3 45eb b06a 01473d7b9c20

$13.00 for Wisconsin Sampler (Green & Gold, Dairyland, Apple Harvest, and Honey Ale–these four popular soaps that represent Wisconsin are packaged together in one convenient collection.)


Item collection 920f9fe2 0a53 44aa bc50 754bbc2f9b8e


$5.00 for North Woods


Item collection a6871365 de72 458e 9d4e d9f983a9593d

$5.00 for Snowfall


Item collection debfe1bc 0e51 45e6 8876 d2d7e665e37c

$5.00 for Vanilla Cold Process


Seriously….go visit this site and do not leave without learning about the loofah – you can amaze someone today with your new knowledge! (All photos, even of the loofah, are courtesy of 10th Ave. Soapworks)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aaryne McEvoy
    Jan 25, 2015 @ 17:57:31

    You are welcome! I did get excited over my new Burpee catalog but I have not given it proper attention. I feel quite privileged to be one of the few “in the know” now and will be looking for ways to throw it into a conversation 🙂



  2. Amy@10th Ave.
    Jan 25, 2015 @ 13:52:26

    Thanks for the nice write-up! (And don’t feel badly–the only people in the world who don’t think loofahs are sea sponges are those of us that get our jollies reading seed catalogs cover to cover.)



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