Set for Surgery


Bright and early Monday morning me and a wee one are headed off for some child-related day surgery. We were able to get in on a cancellation, which meant that I had some scrambling to do Friday afternoon to get ready. With insurance authorizations, school teachers on notice, childcare for my other wee ones in place, and all other related tasks in order I now need to prep for the surgery day.

Naturally, my first priority and concerns are for my wee one undergoing surgery. But there isn’t anything more that I can do for him at this moment.

So, it becomes about ME.

Yes, me.

Will I have enough to eat?
(Probably a tuna fish sandwich is not a good choice in an enclosed waiting room. But bacon might be.)

What am I going to bring to keep me busy?
(This is not a problem at all. I have piles of things that I want to do and cannot get to. The better question is how do I narrow down the things that I bring to keep me busy to things that I would actually get to because I cannot bring in a rolling suitcase.)

What am I going to wear?
(Luckily, this is not a formal affair. But I suppose that fleece jammies and fluffy socks would be inappropriate since I am not the one actually undergoing surgery. I need to find the outfit that feels like sweatpants but looks like I put in a little effort. That will take some planning.)

Do I have enough headache medicine?
(Hanging around is not one of my strengths.)

In preparing for this day-long venture, I have become aware that I am actually going to have some rare time by myself. It’s not at the spa or at a bookstore but I always say you need to enjoy your opportunities however they come to you even if it doesn’t look exactly as you would have planned. It’s the only one coming so make it count.

I am getting a little excited. A cup of coffee, perhaps. I can leisurely read my books about self-publishing, a book by Marlo Thomas on ladies in the prime of their life starting their dreams (I do fit into that category) and one of the fabulous series of “Dummy” books  instructing me on how to use my new camera. Plus, there are still those holiday magazines that I have not looked at yet.


Yes, it is a bit exciting.

There are also thank-you notes to get to and my holiday stories that need work.

And that pesky task of finding a new name for my blog/website. That task is like a mosquito flying around. I get tired of it and swat it away but it keeps coming back making noise.

Most likely I will be fraught with anxiety on separating from my wee one while away in the hands of others and I will sit with a nervous foot tick counting the seconds until we can be reunited, completely unable to focus on anything for myself. My giant stack of fun things to do will come home untouched.

But, it is a fun thought and is keeping me busy!





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aaryne McEvoy
    Jan 27, 2015 @ 21:27:38

    Thank you…I appreciate it… P.S. All did go just fine, aside from my own issues which are now available to read on the following day’s post.



  2. Hilary
    Jan 26, 2015 @ 14:10:28

    Pray that everything went well with the wee one’s surgery.



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