Shamrock’s for St. Patty’s Day

Here are a few shamrock goodies for St. Patty’s Day from Sturbridge Yankee – you can find all of them at their link:


Shamrock Thermometer

$19.95 for Shamrock Thermometer


Shamrock Jute Trivet

$9.95 for Shamrock Jute Trivet


Irish Lace Shortbread Pan

$39.95 for Irish Lace Shortbread Pan



Green Sequin Sneakers…for Sneakin’ Up on Leprechauns

Here’s a super fun gift idea for St. Patrick’s Day!

$29.95 for Kelly-Green Sequin Sneakers

Gourmet Peanut Butter Sampler from Uncommon Goods

I love peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower butter and on and on. This peanut butter sampler would make a fabulously different gift to surprise someone with. You can give it as one gift or break it up as party favors, host/hostess gifts, grab bags or token gifts!


Peanut Butter Sampler

$40.00 for Peanut Butter Sampler (flavors include:

Happy Trails Mix: Flaxseed, chocolate chips, raisins, split peanuts

White Chocolate Pretzel: Pretzel pieces, white chocolate chips

Snickerdoodle: Snickerdoodle popcorn

Chocolate Toffee: Milk chocolate, bits of toffee, rice crispies

Keep Smunchy: Honey roasted peanuts

Chocolate Coconut: Dark chocolate, shredded coconut, almonds

Exclusively at UncommonGoods.


Spice It Up for Valentine’s Day with The Spice House

How about a gift of spice for Valentine’s Day? If you like it hot, here is a great gift box to turn up the heat!

Spice House Hot Seasonings Assortment Gift Box

$22.95 for 4 jar Spice Gift Box – “Some Like it Hot” (includes: Hot Chili Powder, Vulcan’s Fire Salt, Very Hot Cajun Seasoning and Black & Red Spice)


If that much heat is more than you were looking for, check out their website for all of their fabulous gift boxes. There are plenty to give someone a little “sugar” or something in between sugar and spice!

click here:

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial from The Popcorn Factory

When that picture greeted me in my email inbox, I just had to shake my head “yes”. The chocolate – maraschino cherry flavor combo gets me every time.

So, here I am passing on another treat for Valentines’ Day or Just Because – who cares why you order it, just get it already!

Clear Favorites Popcorn Canisters

$20.00 for Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial Popcorn

Hand-Dipped Ombre Cherries from Shari’s Berries

$29.99 for 20 Hand-Dipped Ombre Cherries (white chocolate)


This idea all by itself is a fabulously fun way to send a little love for Valentine’s Day…or a baby shower, birthday party or “Just Because”.

But…because I have the “gift of gab” there is more to this post – a back story.

Last year when I started blogging one of my first recipes was for Nutella Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. I created this super easy treat because I like the idea of a chocolate-covered strawberry but trying to eat them is not pretty. The chocolate is hard and falls off when you bite into the strawberry. Then you have to coordinate putting a piece of the fallen chocolate with a bite of strawberry into your mouth.


I was planning to share that recipe, if you can call it that, for Valentine’s Day because there is the color red, there is chocolate and because it is a way to sneak in that tasty treat.

I also became obsessed with making chocolate-covered cherries over the winter holiday season and was going to add that recipe to my Valentine’s Day suggestions for gifts. But I was planning to tweak it a bit from the traditional treat. (Just to clarify, a chocolate-covered cherry works because the cherry is small enough to pop the whole treat into your mouth so that the hard chocolate doesn’t have a chance to fall anywhere other than where it is supposed to, your eagerly awaiting mouth.)


(it can be very gray here in Wisconsin – I will make a better picture someday, I promise!)

Then, today, a mailer came from Shari’s Berries and the above Ombre Cherries were featured. How fun (or Chow Fun as I like to say when I am being weird)!

The ombre cherries are made with white chocolate and it is tinted slightly a few times to make the “ombre” effect.

I had not thought of making ombre-colored cherries but I was considering trying white chocolate. I still think that good ole chocolate-chocolate would be my first preference but variety is the spice of life so I was up for the switch.

Until I get to whip up some of my own cherries and try this all out for myself to share with you, here are the recipes for my “Chocolate-Covered Strawberries” and the recipe for “Chocolate-Covered Cherries” that I found at Taste of Home and liked the best – I tried a few. (Click on the words above for the recipes).

Rum Chata



(Must be 21 years of age to view website – it contains alcohol!)


This is a Wisconsin “thing” and I received it for my birthday…delish!

It’s a dairy, rum, spice-vanilla-y, “hard to put your finger on the flavors” kind of drink…fun stuff and lots of recipes to try too!

A Twist on Tradition from Pro Plants

Be Mine Ombre Trio

$23.99 discounted price for New Ombre Bulb Trio from ProPlants


Valentine’s Day is coming!

The gift ideas are crossing my path now so I am happy to pass on any fabulous ideas that I see and I love the tradition of chocolate, flowers and dinner for this holiday. However, I am on board with spreadin’ the love to anyone that you enjoy celebrating it with (it’s not just for “lovers” ya know), and sometimes the best person to love is yourself.

I really liked the modern take on the tradition of giving flowers in these beautiful ombre styled hyacinths – fabulously fun and a nice change from roses.

Surprise someone (or yourself, but you probably won’t be surprised) with this arrangement and spread the love!

Birthday Cake Cheesecake from Wisconsin Cheeseman

Looing for a fun gift idea for a birthday?

How about this delicious looking Birthday Cake Cheesecake from the Wisconsin Cheeseman. It is sure to put a smile on your giftee’s face!

$32.99 for Birthday Cake Cheesecake

Soup and Soup Mugs Make a Perfect Pair!

Is there a better season to give the gift of soup? (to yourself, perhaps…)

You can find all sorts of fun soup mugs, so have fun looking around for the perfect gift. I love the big oversized mugs that at one point were called the “Friend’s” mug when they were made famous from that show and their coffee shop moments. (Yes, I loved that show.)

Every once in while I like to switch it up a bit and use a large shallow bowl. It makes me feel sophisticated.

And whether you give one or a whole set, it will warm someone’s heart….(get it?)!

Any way you serve it, a soup gift for this time of year is fun. Add a soup starter kit, your own homemade soup or grab some from a local sandwich shop or grocery store.

And don’t forget the dipping bread!

(All below are from Kohl’s)

$61.99 for Certified International Top Hat Snowman 4-pc. Soup Bowl Set

or, if you want a deeper bowl…

$53.99 for Certified International Top Hat Snowman 4-pc. Ice Cream Bowl Set

(Since it is technically called an Ice Cream Bowl, no sense fighting it – clean out your soup bowl and make a big ‘ole ice cream sundae!)


or how about soup-to-go?

$9.99 for CorningWare French White 20-oz. Mug with Vented Cover – available in 4 colors


Fit & Fresh Lunch Totes

While shopping at TJ Maxx, I saw a rack of fabulous looking lunch totes. Most came with plastic containers and thin-sized ice paks and I thought that they would make great gifts, especially since we’re all done with eating out and back to bringing our skinny lunches around with us…(aren’t we?).

I found the brand name at Amazon and other sources, as well as at Fit & Fresh’s site. Search the internet to see what you can find in addition to these below.

From Amazon:

$13.22 for Fit & Fresh Ladies Retro Insulated Lunch Bag with Reusable Ice Pack, Magnetic Snap, Black & White Damask (other solids ad prints available)


$24.60 for Fit and Fresh Men’s Sporty Lunch Bag Kit with Lunch on The Go Reusable Container Set, Black


$13.67 for Fit and Fresh Men’s Classic Roll Top Insulated Lunch Bag with Ice Pack, Light Brown


$25.21 for Fit and Fresh Men’s Big Phil Lunch Bag Kit with Lunch on The Go Reusable Container Set, Brown


From Fit & Fresh:

Kyoto Insulated Lunch Bag with Fresh Selects Set

Bryant Insulated Lunch Bag with Fresh Selects Set

Vienna Insulated Lunch Bag with Lunch on the Go (Patterned Lids)

Hyannis Insulated Lunch Bag with Fresh Selects Set

Portsmouth Insulated Lunch Bag with Lunch on the Go (Patterned Lids)

The 'Everything' Clear Lunch Tote with Insulated Drawstring Bag

All can be found here:

various pricing from $10.00 – $19.99 for those styles shown above, other styles and prices available


Anniversary Gift

Happy Anniversary to me and my hubby!

I found these fabulous hats on a blog and thought that they would make a fun anniversary gift (yes, the blog is mine and no, I am not embarrassed by the “pitch”…)

$20.00 each for ’tis Himself or ’tis Herself Hats



Isn’t that sunbeam lovely!

’tis Himself has no interest in a public showing, so you got me in my ’tis Herself hat!

Wolferman’s Festive House of Treats

I love the packaging for this gift!

The breakfast treats ain’t bad either…

$29.95 for Festive House of Treats (25% discounted price)

Mitten Tree from Plow & Hearth

I picked up one of these trees somewhere last year and I love it. No more mittens, hats, coats and snow pants scattered all over the floor, hopefully in a sunbeam, to dry. I fit every last piece of snowy wet gear (and wet summer sprinkler gear too) on it and it takes up little space and our stuff gets dry on all sides, not just the side facing up from the floor.

This version looked fun, especially for gift-giving because it has interchangeable finials available for an extra $9.95.

$39.95 for Mitten Tree

$9.95 for Seasonal Finials

Fancy Flours and Fabulous Gift Ideas!

Getting the Fancy Flours catalog in the mail, and pouring over it, then dog-earring practically every page takes me back to getting the JC Penney and Sears’s catalog Wish Books when I was a kid. My wish list was a mile long.

Gift certificate? Yes, please!

If you love baking and the trinkets that go along with it, and especially to give your baked goods as thoughtful gifts or for your holiday parties (or any party for that matter), then this is a super-de-duper catalog! Here is the link to sign up for a catalog of your very own. I would share mine but…I can’t.

Here are some gift ideas from their catalog. These are supposed to be ideas for you to give away but you just may end up keeping them! Good luck!

$5.00 for 6 Felt Poinsettia Coasters (4 inches)


$10.00 for Red Metal Doily Trivet (8 inches) – comes in white and aqua too


$12.00 for Holiday Flowers Bowl & Spreader


$10.00 for Amaryllis Flour Sack Towel


$30.00 for Nordic Holiday Apron


$12.00 for Nutcracker Kitchen Towel


$13.00 for Nutcracker Glass Plate


$15.00 for 12 Days of Christmas Tea Towel

…can you tell I love dish towels…???


$10.00 for Toy Shop Advent Calendar

…and I love Advent calendars too…


$12.00 for Balsam Fir Kitchen Towel


$40.00 for Glass Serving Tray with Wooden Stand


$7.50 for Sprinkles Jumbo Gingerbread Boy Confetti Mix 4 oz jar


$20.00 for set of 4, V.I.P Christmas Cookie Cutters for cookies that hang off a cup! How fun! Pssst…they have many more styles too…


$10.00 for Christmas Clothes Pins, set of 5 – great for keeping goodie bags closed


Believe it or not, I did not share every idea they have…

and here is a last minute “Turkey Day” host/hostess gift – maybe tuck it away for next year (see their site for more Thanksgiving goodies)

$12.00 (sale price) for Turkey Pop-Up Timer…the legs go up when turkey is done! Reusable over 300 times for more laughs and laughs every year

Zum Bar Holiday Soaps by Indigo Wild

Fun names, great holiday smells and fresh gift ideas are what you will find at Indigo Wild!

Check out all of the wonderful holiday scents in these soaps and other super cool holiday gifts. It’s a fun place to browse…

Here are just a few things!


Give the gift of Frankincense & Myrrh –

$24.00 for Gift Box


$6.50 for Frankincense & Myrrh Wood Ball


$6.50 for Mazel Zum Soap


$9.50 for Jingle Zum, Zum Jolly and Frankincense & Myrrh Mini 3-Bar Box


$3.85 for Assorted Soap Shavings Zum Holiday Sachet


$7.00 for Aromatherapy Room & Body Spray Minty-Pine Frosty Zum Mist

Gifts of Food, Music & More from “Menus and Music”

I was quite taken with the “Music and Menus” collection and thought that these would make great gifts. They have recipes with a music CD to match different types of gatherings and moments…very fun and different and so many to choose from!

$26.00 for Christmas Cookies – A collection of recipes for holiday baking and a music CD from the Nutcracker Ballet


$26.00 for Chocolate Bliss – A collection of chocolate recipes and a music CD


$12.00 for Bourbon Black Tea, 28 pyramid sachets


I love this idea, especially for a new baby gift. I have to admit that anything beyond meat and veggies that I could grill or roast was too taxing for me when I was home with new babies…and often even today…but I still love the idea!

$26.00 for Home With Baby – A collection of simple recipes and a soothing lullaby CD


$29.00 for Paris Cafes – A collection of recipes and a music CD from the Heart of Paris Cafes


$38.00 for Swinging French Jazz: Favorite Parisian Bistro Recipes and a Jazz music CD


$26.00 for Invitation to Tea – A collection of tea fare recipes and a relaxing chamber music CD


$26.00 for Cooking With the Blues – A collection of comfort food recipes and a soulful blues CD


$26.00 for Cocktail Hour – A collection of party appetizer recipes and a piano jazz music CD

Bake for Two with Cookbook from Old-Mill

When you want to bake for one or two, this cookbook could be the answer. Sometimes the “math” to reduce a recipe is easy, but sometimes you don’t feel like doing the math or a recipe is hard to reduce. Give this a try!

It even comes with a skillet!

$34.99 for Small-Batch Baking Cookbook & Cornbread Skillet Baker from Old-Mill

Plaid Nesting Baskets from The Country Door

$39.99 for set of 3 Plaid Check Baskets (Red, Black or Buffalo Check)


Sweet Treats and Gifts for Gals

This may be a bit frivolous but I do have to say that the water dripping down my arm into my sleeve does get annoying. Would I actually use these? I am not sure but it seems like a good idea though.

$25.00 for Drip Not! set – absorbent bands to catch water that drips down arms when washing face and a towel to keep your hair out of the way

From Femail Creations


Check out these goodies from Miles Kimball’s Candy Shoppe

$14.99 each, gift box includes 8 spoons, flavors available: clover, lavender or honey & lemon


I love brittles and even more so when I see a flavor other than peanut!

$6.99 for 6 oz. Gingerbread Brittle

Maybe for the mail deliverer, garbage collectors or pet sitter?


$26.99 for 1 lb. collection of Penny Candy

Ahhh…good old nostalgia! 1 cent and 5 cents is what I remember.

Birdseed Gifts for the Holidays from Gardener’s Supply Company

I love the idea of birdseed gifts for the holidays. They make great token gifts, as well as great gifts for people who have everything, those that you do not know very well and well, really…anyone!

It’s a perfect time of year to feed the birds!

Grab these and give as sets or break up the sets and give as token gifts or attach to your gift tags.

$24.95 for 6 Birdseed Candy Canes


$19.95 for set of 3 Birdseed Ornaments


$24.95 for set of 6 Birdseed Songbird Tweets Pears


$19.95 for set of 3, Birdseed Owls


$24.95 for set of 6 Birdseed Donuts


$12.99 for set of 10 Birdseed Strawberries, sale price


For their complete selection, please click here:

Plum Pudding from the Vermont Country Store

$16.90 for 2 small Plum Puddings (these would make great token gifts!)
$19.95 for 1 large Plum Pudding

add Brandy Sauce or Brandy Butter for a little extra touch of the holidays

$14.90 for 2 pkgs. of Brandy Sauce
$15.95 for Brandy Butter

Wisconsin Cheeseman Gifts

These coffee-flavored cakes are a neat treat for those who love their coffee.

$21.99 for Coffee Petits Fours


$22.99 – $27.99 for Fruit & Nut Breads & Cremes (7 or 9 bread packages available: lots of flavors!)


This looks amazing – I would probably eat way too much and then be sorry, but I know I would do it any way!

$15.99 each for Bread Cheese (browned crusty top best served warm or fried? Oh yeah…!) Original or Jalapeno flavors available


Maine Made Wreaths & Centerpieces

Some of my family members no longer decorate their homes for the holidays, usually grandparents and older relatives. I love to send fresh centerpieces so that they can get some of the wonderful smell of the holidays and “the look” in a small way that is not overwhelming.

Here are a few from Maine Made Wreaths that I like. At the bottom of this post is their home page so that you can see all of their wonderful winter and holiday wreaths, centerpieces ad kissing balls.

Here’s a crazy thing about me that I knew but forgot…when I was looking at the centerpieces, I wanted to fix the ones that had multiple candles in them because if they are not perfectly straight and aligned, it bothers me. They are just as lovely and wonderful but I would have to fix the candles and I do not want to.

(My crazy “issues” do not stop there but that is all that is relevant to this post.)

$36.00 (plus $9 for shipping) for Home for the Holiday Balsam Fir Centerpiece


$28.00 (plus $7 for shipping) for ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Centerpiece


$28.00 (plus $8 for shipping) for Ribbon Candy Centerpiece


To see their whole selection, click here:

Gift Ideas from The Company Store

I have mentioned before that I love the idea of just buying whimsical pillowcases instead of complete sheet sets. I do not have room to store 800 sheet sets so buying pillowcases gives me the opportunity to create different bedding ensembles based on my mood. There are usually enough colors in the pillowcases to match one or more of my sheet sets so it all works out hunky dory…they do have to look like they go together, I just cannot go all mish mosh mismatch, ya know.

(Pssst…you can get the whole sheet set if you think I am weird…I am a little. But not because of this…)

This can be a fun idea for a gift too! Here are some fun winter ones…

$29.00-$34.00 for Falling Snow Standard or King size pillowcases


$29.00-$34.00 for Winter Forest Standard or King size pillowcases


$29.00-$34.00 for Pine Bough Standard or King size pillowcases


$29.00-$34.00 for Bayberry Standard or King size pillowcase


This Two-Tier Serving Stand is unique and I thought it would make a classy holiday gift or a special wedding gift. It is made of white marble and acacia wood.

$79.00 for 12 x 9 x 11″ Two-Tier Serving Stand

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