Pot o’ Gold (or rather green)

Need a super fun St. Patrick’s Day gift idea? How about this green swirl Dutch oven – yes, I can find any reason to get kitchenware as a gift!

The February 2015 issue of Redbook magazine gave some ideas for great gifts and I loved this… (pg 108)

Green Swirl Dutch Oven GR31


$48.50 for Green Swirl Dutch Oven from Golden Rabbit


Dollar Shave Club & Manly Man Goodies

Check out these super cool gift ideas for any male on your gift list…

Quality Razors


A monthly or bi-monthly subscription for shaving supplies – what a treat!


Or…if you like a soft fuzzy face, how about a Beard Pack to soften the scruffies!


$40.00 for Beard Pack


And if your giftee would love some extra lovin’ to get spiffied up, how about the Working Man’s Kit?


$50 for Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

Love these!!

Braided Trivets in a Basket from The Braided Rug Place

Here’s a fun gift idea…a basket of braided trivets!

They have a nice selection for all season, décor and holidays – check out their website below to see more and pricing!

Here are a few ideas…

TNB-1120 Winter Trivets in a Basket by Susan Burd

Winter Trivets


TNB-328 All Season Trivets in a Basket by Susan Burd

All Season


TNB-1126 Spring Trivets in a Basket by Susan Burd



TNB-025A Pinecone Trivets in a Basket




$46.00 each, for a set of braided rug trivets

Mitten Tree from Plow & Hearth

I picked up one of these trees somewhere last year and I love it. No more mittens, hats, coats and snow pants scattered all over the floor, hopefully in a sunbeam, to dry. I fit every last piece of snowy wet gear (and wet summer sprinkler gear too) on it and it takes up little space and our stuff gets dry on all sides, not just the side facing up from the floor.

This version looked fun, especially for gift-giving because it has interchangeable finials available for an extra $9.95.


$39.95 for Mitten Tree

$9.95 for Seasonal Finials

Jammies for Grammies

Sometimes grandmas and older relatives can be hard to buy for because they do not want anything or need anything – but YOU still want to surprise them. Nice, warm jammies to hug them every time they put them on are wonderful!

Here are some Dream Fleece Jammies from Linen Source, or peek around and grab your own!


$ 59.95 – $65.95 for Dream Fleece Lounge Set (colors: light periwinkle, light seafrost, shell pink & soft periwinkle)

$29.95 for Dream Fleece Slippers (colors: light periwinkle, light seafrost & shell pink)

Maine Made Wreaths & Centerpieces

Some of my family members no longer decorate their homes for the holidays, usually grandparents and older relatives. I love to send fresh centerpieces so that they can get some of the wonderful smell of the holidays and “the look” in a small way that is not overwhelming.

Here are a few from Maine Made Wreaths that I like. At the bottom of this post is their home page so that you can see all of their wonderful winter and holiday wreaths, centerpieces ad kissing balls.

Here’s a crazy thing about me that I knew but forgot…when I was looking at the centerpieces, I wanted to fix the ones that had multiple candles in them because if they are not perfectly straight and aligned, it bothers me. They are just as lovely and wonderful but I would have to fix the candles and I do not want to.

(My crazy “issues” do not stop there but that is all that is relevant to this post.)


$36.00 (plus $9 for shipping) for Home for the Holiday Balsam Fir Centerpiece



$28.00 (plus $7 for shipping) for ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Centerpiece



$28.00 (plus $8 for shipping) for Ribbon Candy Centerpiece


To see their whole selection, click here: http://www.mainemadechristmas.com/

Gift Ideas from Ginny’s


$19.95 for Cutting Board Tablet Holder



$14.95 for Chalkboard Jar



$69.95 for West Bend 5-qt. Versatility Slow Cooker with travel bag



$16.95 for 5-pc. Novelty Knife Set


Odds ‘n Ends from The Lighter Side


$12.98 for set of 2, Shotgun Shell LED Flashlight



$12.95 for Tic Tac Tome – Play against the book!



$56.98 for Daddy’s Project Diaper Bag…perfect for a baby shower!

or use the idea and create your own!

Jelly Belly Gifts, Big & Small

The Jelly Belly Factory is part of our world and it is a fun little tour, complete with train ride and jelly beans. I have no affiliation with them other than enjoying their goodies, so this is not a “pitch post”!

There are so many fun gift ideas here for the fall and winter holidays, as well as birthdays and parties. Whether you need a token gift for co-workers, school, friends and family or a bigger basket of goodies, you can find it here.

Harry Potter fans will enjoy the crazy flavors and “nod” to the candy in the series. Lots of other characters and larger quantities of bulk size individually wrapped small packages too that would be great when you a lot of a little!

I have provided individual links right to the gifts I am displaying here.

Here is their main site to just browse…and drool…


$6.99 for TABASCO® Dark Chocolate Covered Jelly Beans – 4.15 oz Gift Box



$8.99 for Pumpkin Pie Jelly Beans, 16 oz. resealable bag



$5.99 for 7.5 oz. bag of Giant Candy Corn! Woo-hoo



$5.99 for Jelly Belly Autumn Mix Gift Bag, 7.5 oz

flavors: Orange Sherbet, Chocolate Pudding, Peach, Red Apple, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Toasted Marshmallow, Top Banana



$5.99 for Sugar Plums, 5.75 oz. gift bag – available holiday season only



$9.99 for Jelly Belly Countdown Calendar



$5.99 for Holiday Favorites Jelly Belly Box, 4.25 oz.

flavors: Hot Chocolate, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Candy Cane, Egg Nog


Fire and Wood Stove Gifts from Plow and Hearth


$49.95 – $99.95 for Resin Wood Burlap Sack Holder (small or large)

This looked like a fun gift for those who enjoy their fires. Add a box of Fatwood for $14.95 and you have a fabulous gift and …a Perfect Pair!



$19.95 for Suede Hearth Utility Gloves


Click here for the large assortment of woodstove “Steamers”…http://www.plowhearth.com/woodstove-steamers.htm

$79.95 for the above Adirondack Chair and Fire Pit Wood Stove Steamer (I am from the Adirondack area so this one caught my eye…there are many more though!)

Gift Ideas from Signals Catalog


$39.95 for Porcelain Books Accent Lamp



$35.00 for Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia



$79.95 for Piano Server



$16.95 for “Romaine Calm and Carrot On” Apron



$99.95 for Bride’s Tree Ornaments Collection – 12 symbolic ornaments to ensure happiness, according to old German tradition



$39.95 for Moonglow Necklace, personalize with the moon as it was when you were born or on a special day



$11.95 for Now You May Speak Coffee Mug

“Pumpkin” Themed Gifts from Country Door


$19.95 for Pumpkin Pie Slices-Petit Fours from Swiss Colony at Country Door



$19.95 for 12 Spiced Pumpkins from Swiss Colony at Country Door

$29.95 for 24 Spiced Pumpkins


I have one of these in bright orange and love it. I use it for my cooking oils – it would make a great gift!



$17.99 for Rachael Ray Cruet in Pumpkin Orange (or other colors)


$49.99 for set of 3 Calabash Canisters


$29.99 for set of 4 Calabash Salad Plates


$27.99 for Calabash Serving Platter



$24.99 for Calabash Serving Bowl

For these Calabash items and others, see their site: http://home-decor.countrydoor.com/search#w=calabash&asug=


Copper Tumblers, Pitcher & Mugs from Napastyle

Yes, I do seem to be on a bit of a “copper” kick! These would make wonderful holiday or wedding gifts…even an anniversary.


$99.00 for Bottega Copper Tumblers, set of 4



$69.00 for set of 2 Hammered Mugs or $129.00 for set of 4

$119.00 for Hammered Copper Pitcher




Shortbread Pans from Gaelsong

These looked like a fun gift idea, especially with the holidays coming up. You could give the gift to someone who enjoys baking, is Irish or both.

OR you could purchase the pan, make shortbread with a really neat design and then give THOSE as gifts. Either way, it’s a great gift!


$42.00 each for Celtic Shortbread Pans from Gaelsong

Available in 4 designs: Thistle, Celtic Medley, Knotwork or Shamrock

or in Meadow Flowers…



“Apple Harvest” Decor from Plow and Hearth


$69.95 – $99.95 for Apple Harvest Flannel Sheets (twin to king sizes available to ship Oct. 14th)



$29.95 for Apple Harvest Washable Rug

Give the Gift of Italian Food – Pizza, Pasta and More from Rossi Pasta


$47.95 for Pizza & Pasta Sampler Gift


Working on my gift ideas for today’s post happened very late last night, not overly uncommon. But pouring through the Italian food selection in the Rossi Pasta catalog that late at night is. I soooo badly wanted Italian food and there was no way it was going to happen – I needed to get into bed. I suspect that Italian food is on the lunch or dinner menu in the near horizon now!

This company has a wonderful assortment of delicious looking and sounding gift basket type foods. You just have to peek around their website, or better yet, request a catalog. You will thoroughly enjoy sitting around making your own gift list. Just don’t do it at bedtime! http://www.rossipasta.com/. (I have no affiliation with them and this was the first catalog that I have ever seen…just looks like a great gift idea!)

I selected just a sampling of their wonderful ideas but there really is so much more to see. The flavor selection of their pastas is outta-this-world! In addition to traditional flavors, they have Southwestern Chipotle, Zucchini Linguini, Chocolate Cabernet, Asian, Italian Spice and Parsley Garlic to name a few…

Sauces, pastas of all kinds, pizza doughs, coffee and oils…oh my.


$84.95 for Lotsa Pasta Gift

They even have gluten-free! Heavenly…


$79.95 for Gluten-Free Gift Basket

Or make your gift super-de-duper unique and create your own box – so many ways to do so.


$43.95 for Create-Your-Own Pasta and Sauce Gift Box

Acorn Earrings from GaelSong


$45.00 for Acorn Earrings

According to the GaelSong catalog, “the acorn is autumn’s promise of spring renewal”. What a fabulous gift to pass along!

Bacon Lover’s Gift from Burgers’ Smokehouse

The meat catalog opened right up to the bacon lover’s page and I did not need to look any further, although I did for you just in case something else caught my eye. Nothing did but bacon.


$63.00 for Bacon Connoisseur’s Sampler from Burgers’ Smokehouse

• One 1 lb. pkg. Original Country Bacon
• One 1 lb. pkg. Maple Country Bacon
• One 1 lb. pkg. Cajun Style Country Bacon
• One 1 lb. pkg. Applewood Smoked Country Bacon
• One 1 lb. pkg. Pepper Coated Country Bacon
• One 8 oz. pkg. Country Ham Bacon

(Free shipping in US for normal delivery)

Angela Moore Hand Painted Bracelets & More…

Yes, I know that was a bad pun, but those are the kind of things you write when you are up late at night, what can I say?

I love these bracelets (they have other jewelry too) for the beautiful colors and the stories that they tell. Some of my favorites are the winter-themed ones, but here are some faves that do not rush the season! (Feel free to peek around at their huge selection. My faves might not be your faves, but I don’t know why they wouldn’t…but really – you HAVE to go look at all of the fabulous things that they have).


If you have the need for a late summer birthday gift, one of these just might be the answer…

$65.00 for Treasure Island Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Sea sensation Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Cool Cosmo Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Moon Shadow Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Count Your Blessings Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Glamour Puss Classic Bracelet

$50.00 for Bon Appetit Classis Bracelet

and of course…coffee lover’s

$50.00 for Coffee Nut Classic Bracelet

Antique Style Metal Pie Rack from Farmhouse Wares

Who wouldn’t love to have this rack in their kitchen filled with delicious pies? This is a really fun and creative gift for someone who enjoys baking and entertaining. They could swap out the pie plates for plates of cookies or other goodies too.

Pair the pie rack with some new pie plates or even one filled with a pie that you make and you have a “Perfect Pair”!

It could also make a fabulous wedding gift…





$12.95 for Creamware Pie Dish

Maple Syrup Gifts from Fancy Flours

Well, one of may favorite catalogs has enticed me again. Having lived most of my life on the East Coast, I am partial to New England memories and some of those involve pure maple syrup.

Fancy Flours has a collection of maple syrup and some maple syrup inspired gifts for anyone who loves this delicious sweet nectar!


$65.00 for Gourmet Four Grade Maple Syrup Collection



$24.00 for Maple Syrup Apron



$12.00 for Maple Syrup Towels, Set of 2

Manly Kitchen Gear from What on Earth Catalog

$44.95 each for Personalized Sports Ball Cutting Boards (Baseball, Football or Basketball)



$19.95 each for Guitar BBQ Utensils (Spatula or Tongs)


Jill Martin Travel Bag from QVC and Redbook

Here is a great travel gift idea from the Redbook July 2014 magazine issue, page 70.

This bag is a full-length garment bag that zips into a duffel size…and also has lots of storage for the rest of the things that you absolutely must have while traveling!



$49.98 for Jill Martin for QVC bag, on sale

Once again, by the time I got around to perusing this magazine, the price had dropped…cool beans!

Classy & Stylish Pens from Fahrney’s

I love office supplies.

Sticky notes, note pads, pens, colored pens and retractable pencils – oh my!

So, I have not jumped on the bandwagon for keeping my notes and appointments and address book on my technology pieces. I still write in a notebook when I have thoughts, jot down things to remember on sticky notes and pieces of paper and keep an address booklet in my purse. Picking out the pen I am going to use for the moment is almost as personal as picking out my coffee mug for the morning if I am having hot coffee or my glass for my iced coffee.

It’s crazy, I know. But I actually put thought into my drinking vessel and my writing utensil.

Each time.

You would think I would have better things to do with my time, and I do, I just can’t get to them. So, these choices allow me to think that I am still in charge of my destiny. I told you that I have a fabulous imagination!



$50.00 for Sheaffer Calligraphy 3 Pen Gift Set

I love the art of calligraphy and would love to have that talent!


Look at these Porshce Design “Shake” Pens…so cool to flick your wrist and the point snaps out! How about surprising someone on your gift list with one of these?


$120.00 – $200.00 for Porsche Design “Shake” Pen

Kitchen Cookware Gifts from Seventh Avenue

I know that some of you may think cookware is NOT an appropriate gift but what if it is really fun cookware?

Maybe, just maybe?

If not for a birthday then at least it could be for a wedding or shower gift, right?

Take a peek and see…these are really fun gift ideas! I know I would put them on my gift list…


$49.95 for Multistripe Canister Set, 4 pcs



$59.95 for 5-Qt. Versatility Slow Cooker with Travel Bag, sale price



$44.95 for 3-Piece Enamel Cast Iron Skillet Set


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