Shamrock’s for St. Patty’s Day

Here are a few shamrock goodies for St. Patty’s Day from Sturbridge Yankee – you can find all of them at their link:


Shamrock Thermometer

$19.95 for Shamrock Thermometer


Shamrock Jute Trivet

$9.95 for Shamrock Jute Trivet


Irish Lace Shortbread Pan

$39.95 for Irish Lace Shortbread Pan



Snowflake Cookie from Yankee Candle

Snowflake Cookie™

$13.99 for “Snowflake Cookie” large tumbler


Last year I gave this candle to my mother but I coveted it.


I almost did not give it to her because I wanted to keep it, but I did the right thing and gave it as intended.

But I never stopped thinking about it so this year I picked one up for myself when Yankee Candle had one of their holiday deals going on.

As I start to de-decorate from the holidays and replace my décor with winter themes, I brought out this candle today and I love it.

It smells like a cookie but it is light and cozy, not heavily perfumed and overpowering.

I knew that I needed to share this with you because it could make a wonderful “winter” gift if you are in need of finding just the right thing now.

And to make it an even better gift, it is on sale!

My guess is that it will not be around long so do not hesitate – you may even want to pick up a few and tuck them away as fabulous “token” gifts for next year’s holiday season!

Winter Gifts on Sale from Bath and Body

If you are in need of some winter “token” gifts, here are some fun winter scents on sale!


Alpine Fresh Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Bundle - Soap/Sanitizer - Bath & Body Works

$12.50 for the set of 5, Alpine Fresh Foaming Soap Bundle


Holiday Favorites 5-Pack PocketBac Sanitizers - Soap/Sanitizer - Bath & Body Works

$5.00 for set of 5, Holiday Favorites Pocketbac Sanitizers


Here is the link for these items and many more…

Soup and Soup Mugs Make a Perfect Pair!

Is there a better season to give the gift of soup? (to yourself, perhaps…)

You can find all sorts of fun soup mugs, so have fun looking around for the perfect gift. I love the big oversized mugs that at one point were called the “Friend’s” mug when they were made famous from that show and their coffee shop moments. (Yes, I loved that show.)

Every once in while I like to switch it up a bit and use a large shallow bowl. It makes me feel sophisticated.

And whether you give one or a whole set, it will warm someone’s heart….(get it?)!

Any way you serve it, a soup gift for this time of year is fun. Add a soup starter kit, your own homemade soup or grab some from a local sandwich shop or grocery store.

And don’t forget the dipping bread!

(All below are from Kohl’s)

$61.99 for Certified International Top Hat Snowman 4-pc. Soup Bowl Set

or, if you want a deeper bowl…

$53.99 for Certified International Top Hat Snowman 4-pc. Ice Cream Bowl Set

(Since it is technically called an Ice Cream Bowl, no sense fighting it – clean out your soup bowl and make a big ‘ole ice cream sundae!)


or how about soup-to-go?

$9.99 for CorningWare French White 20-oz. Mug with Vented Cover – available in 4 colors


Fit & Fresh Lunch Totes

While shopping at TJ Maxx, I saw a rack of fabulous looking lunch totes. Most came with plastic containers and thin-sized ice paks and I thought that they would make great gifts, especially since we’re all done with eating out and back to bringing our skinny lunches around with us…(aren’t we?).

I found the brand name at Amazon and other sources, as well as at Fit & Fresh’s site. Search the internet to see what you can find in addition to these below.

From Amazon:

$13.22 for Fit & Fresh Ladies Retro Insulated Lunch Bag with Reusable Ice Pack, Magnetic Snap, Black & White Damask (other solids ad prints available)


$24.60 for Fit and Fresh Men’s Sporty Lunch Bag Kit with Lunch on The Go Reusable Container Set, Black


$13.67 for Fit and Fresh Men’s Classic Roll Top Insulated Lunch Bag with Ice Pack, Light Brown


$25.21 for Fit and Fresh Men’s Big Phil Lunch Bag Kit with Lunch on The Go Reusable Container Set, Brown


From Fit & Fresh:

Kyoto Insulated Lunch Bag with Fresh Selects Set

Bryant Insulated Lunch Bag with Fresh Selects Set

Vienna Insulated Lunch Bag with Lunch on the Go (Patterned Lids)

Hyannis Insulated Lunch Bag with Fresh Selects Set

Portsmouth Insulated Lunch Bag with Lunch on the Go (Patterned Lids)

The 'Everything' Clear Lunch Tote with Insulated Drawstring Bag

All can be found here:

various pricing from $10.00 – $19.99 for those styles shown above, other styles and prices available


Don’t Forget Your Bayberry Candle!

It’s tradition in our home to burn a bayberry candle on Christmas Eve.

Legend says that lighting a new bayberry candle on Christmas Eve will bring health, wealth and prosperity in the coming year.

Grab one for yourself and for a friend too!

These are a few of my favorite things…

12-inch toast tongs (not 6 inches, mind you – size does matter with toast tongs)

corn bags

Republic of Tea

home-baked goodies

fuzzy socks

holiday music CD’s (yes, I still use CD’s)

flavored olive oils

wooden spoons


holiday-themed magazines

coffee mugs

Burt’s Bees Original scented lip balm

colored Sharpie markers – did you know they have metallics?

journals and note pads

seasonal foaming hand soaps

Yankee candles, the big jar – especially when they are buy two, get two free

seasonal dish towels



Polka Dot Clutches from Kohls

These sassy little clutches would make a fabulous gift for the holidays. And at $11.99 each, you could pick one up for yourself.

Unless you are a guy.

But if you are a guy and you really want one, then you could get one too.

Who wouldn’t want these polka dots! (They have other styles too but I am partial to dots…and stripes).

$11.99 for Apt 9 Rhonda Ruched Wallet


$11.99 for Bobby Bow Clutch Wallet


$11.99 for Brit Bow Clutch Wallet

Beauty Balms from Avon

These could make a great stocking stuffer!

$18.00 for FIX ME UP – Scented Balm Trio to cure all of your beauty ills!

Flower Ear Muffs from Old Durham Road

$19.95 for Flower Ear Muffs

These are super fun and unique – know someone on your gift list who needs to keep their ears toasty? Treat them to these stylish ear muffs!

For Selfie Lover’s from Bed Bath and Beyond

I personally think that the charm of the selfie is the distorted pic that comes from trying to hold your hand out far enough to fit your face (and anyone else) while pushing the button calmly so that your pic isn’t blurry. But then, I am old school and I also rarely take selfies so what do I know!

For those serious selfie lover’s on your gift list, give them a “handle”…

$19.99 for Quikpod Selfie Action Adventure Handle


And, not quite as fun as a long handle but this remote control for a selfie would work too…

$19.99 for Selfie Snap

Wrap it Thoughtfully with

With personalized wrapping paper from “” you are not only giving a thoughtful gift but wrapping it thoughtfully too!

My fave is the Sugar & Spice Recipe wrapping paper – surprise someone with their own recipe on wrapping paper…

$15.00 for 5 sheets (more are available)


You can also get papers to add photos or names etc.  and there are many options for the holidays or even just winter – see here for all of the options (birthdays and other holidays too…)


Fancy Flours and Fabulous Gift Ideas!

Getting the Fancy Flours catalog in the mail, and pouring over it, then dog-earring practically every page takes me back to getting the JC Penney and Sears’s catalog Wish Books when I was a kid. My wish list was a mile long.

Gift certificate? Yes, please!

If you love baking and the trinkets that go along with it, and especially to give your baked goods as thoughtful gifts or for your holiday parties (or any party for that matter), then this is a super-de-duper catalog! Here is the link to sign up for a catalog of your very own. I would share mine but…I can’t.

Here are some gift ideas from their catalog. These are supposed to be ideas for you to give away but you just may end up keeping them! Good luck!

$5.00 for 6 Felt Poinsettia Coasters (4 inches)


$10.00 for Red Metal Doily Trivet (8 inches) – comes in white and aqua too


$12.00 for Holiday Flowers Bowl & Spreader


$10.00 for Amaryllis Flour Sack Towel


$30.00 for Nordic Holiday Apron


$12.00 for Nutcracker Kitchen Towel


$13.00 for Nutcracker Glass Plate


$15.00 for 12 Days of Christmas Tea Towel

…can you tell I love dish towels…???


$10.00 for Toy Shop Advent Calendar

…and I love Advent calendars too…


$12.00 for Balsam Fir Kitchen Towel


$40.00 for Glass Serving Tray with Wooden Stand


$7.50 for Sprinkles Jumbo Gingerbread Boy Confetti Mix 4 oz jar


$20.00 for set of 4, V.I.P Christmas Cookie Cutters for cookies that hang off a cup! How fun! Pssst…they have many more styles too…


$10.00 for Christmas Clothes Pins, set of 5 – great for keeping goodie bags closed


Believe it or not, I did not share every idea they have…

and here is a last minute “Turkey Day” host/hostess gift – maybe tuck it away for next year (see their site for more Thanksgiving goodies)

$12.00 (sale price) for Turkey Pop-Up Timer…the legs go up when turkey is done! Reusable over 300 times for more laughs and laughs every year

Holiday Photo Timeline from Chinaberry

$19.95 for “Our Family Holiday Photo Timeline” from Chinaberry

It holds 10 photos so that you can capture 10 years worth of holidays to grow, showcase and enjoy!


A few years ago I bought one of these at a local gift shop for my own enjoyment and when I saw it in the Chinaberry catalog, I just had to share. It is a great gift for anyone!

Edible Christmas Card for Doggie from Current

$500 for Crunchkins Holiday Card for Dogs from Current

Zum Bar Holiday Soaps by Indigo Wild

Fun names, great holiday smells and fresh gift ideas are what you will find at Indigo Wild!

Check out all of the wonderful holiday scents in these soaps and other super cool holiday gifts. It’s a fun place to browse…

Here are just a few things!


Give the gift of Frankincense & Myrrh –

$24.00 for Gift Box


$6.50 for Frankincense & Myrrh Wood Ball


$6.50 for Mazel Zum Soap


$9.50 for Jingle Zum, Zum Jolly and Frankincense & Myrrh Mini 3-Bar Box


$3.85 for Assorted Soap Shavings Zum Holiday Sachet


$7.00 for Aromatherapy Room & Body Spray Minty-Pine Frosty Zum Mist

Thanksgiving Hostess/Host Gift

Gladware from


Back when I was in NY and joined in on Thanksgiving festivities with family, I used to arrive with a big shopping bag full of empty plastic containers. The first few times that I did it I was teased and made fun of.

That’s family for you.

But I could handle it.

It did not take long for those laughing family members to see the beauty in my “yes, I am expecting leftovers and I want to alleviate you from figuring out how to send them home with me and for me to not have them all mushed and leaky when I get home” behavior. I have no problem admitting that it was quite clever and it became a tradition almost as much as Thanksgiving itself for me to arrive with my empty expectant plastic containers. I had all sorts of sizes to accommodate any and all tastes that I wanted to take home, right down to the cranberry sauce!

Start your own tradition and add a gift for your hosts as well. Fill a gift bag with some new “take-home” style containers for your hosts so that they can share the leftover feast easily! These containers can be found all over, even your grocery store.

If you are hosting, put a gift bag filled a few containers at each guests seat so that they can pick and choose what they want to take home. Keep extras on hand for those who want a little more. Of course, you will now need to make sure that you have leftovers, but that comes with the dinner!

Gifts of Food, Music & More from “Menus and Music”

I was quite taken with the “Music and Menus” collection and thought that these would make great gifts. They have recipes with a music CD to match different types of gatherings and moments…very fun and different and so many to choose from!

$26.00 for Christmas Cookies – A collection of recipes for holiday baking and a music CD from the Nutcracker Ballet


$26.00 for Chocolate Bliss – A collection of chocolate recipes and a music CD


$12.00 for Bourbon Black Tea, 28 pyramid sachets


I love this idea, especially for a new baby gift. I have to admit that anything beyond meat and veggies that I could grill or roast was too taxing for me when I was home with new babies…and often even today…but I still love the idea!

$26.00 for Home With Baby – A collection of simple recipes and a soothing lullaby CD


$29.00 for Paris Cafes – A collection of recipes and a music CD from the Heart of Paris Cafes


$38.00 for Swinging French Jazz: Favorite Parisian Bistro Recipes and a Jazz music CD


$26.00 for Invitation to Tea – A collection of tea fare recipes and a relaxing chamber music CD


$26.00 for Cooking With the Blues – A collection of comfort food recipes and a soulful blues CD


$26.00 for Cocktail Hour – A collection of party appetizer recipes and a piano jazz music CD

Bouquets Garnis from Quelobjet

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shared this gift idea in their Food section and I thought it was a unique fun gift. A package of 8 Bouquets Garnis – savory herbs rolled up in bay leaves and wrapped – perfect for stews, soups and more. What a great stocking stuffer, host/hostess gift or token gift for foodies on your gift list!

Plus, I get to practice my French when I say it…

Merci beaucoup pour ecouter…(excuse my French – and my grammar…and my spelling – it’s been a while)!

$15.00 for pkg of 8 Bouquets Garnis from Quelobjet

Handblown Glass Pens from The Paragon

These look so unique and fun!

I cannot decide if they would be comfortable to write with or not, but at that price I could fake it for looking goooood!

$6.99 for Handblown Glass Refillable Ink Pens (2 styles to choose from)

Advent Greeting Cards from Vermont Christmas Co.

A family member turned me onto these wonderful Advent Greeting Cards and they would make a wonderful way to send a holiday wish!

Get them early so that they can start from Dec. 1st!!

$2.95 each

Check out the whole selection here:

Sweet Treats and Gifts for Gals

This may be a bit frivolous but I do have to say that the water dripping down my arm into my sleeve does get annoying. Would I actually use these? I am not sure but it seems like a good idea though.

$25.00 for Drip Not! set – absorbent bands to catch water that drips down arms when washing face and a towel to keep your hair out of the way

From Femail Creations


Check out these goodies from Miles Kimball’s Candy Shoppe

$14.99 each, gift box includes 8 spoons, flavors available: clover, lavender or honey & lemon


I love brittles and even more so when I see a flavor other than peanut!

$6.99 for 6 oz. Gingerbread Brittle

Maybe for the mail deliverer, garbage collectors or pet sitter?


$26.99 for 1 lb. collection of Penny Candy

Ahhh…good old nostalgia! 1 cent and 5 cents is what I remember.

Birdseed Gifts for the Holidays from Gardener’s Supply Company

I love the idea of birdseed gifts for the holidays. They make great token gifts, as well as great gifts for people who have everything, those that you do not know very well and well, really…anyone!

It’s a perfect time of year to feed the birds!

Grab these and give as sets or break up the sets and give as token gifts or attach to your gift tags.

$24.95 for 6 Birdseed Candy Canes


$19.95 for set of 3 Birdseed Ornaments


$24.95 for set of 6 Birdseed Songbird Tweets Pears


$19.95 for set of 3, Birdseed Owls


$24.95 for set of 6 Birdseed Donuts


$12.99 for set of 10 Birdseed Strawberries, sale price


For their complete selection, please click here:

Plum Pudding from the Vermont Country Store

$16.90 for 2 small Plum Puddings (these would make great token gifts!)
$19.95 for 1 large Plum Pudding

add Brandy Sauce or Brandy Butter for a little extra touch of the holidays

$14.90 for 2 pkgs. of Brandy Sauce
$15.95 for Brandy Butter

Wisconsin Cheeseman Gifts

These coffee-flavored cakes are a neat treat for those who love their coffee.

$21.99 for Coffee Petits Fours


$22.99 – $27.99 for Fruit & Nut Breads & Cremes (7 or 9 bread packages available: lots of flavors!)


This looks amazing – I would probably eat way too much and then be sorry, but I know I would do it any way!

$15.99 each for Bread Cheese (browned crusty top best served warm or fried? Oh yeah…!) Original or Jalapeno flavors available


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