“Over the Hill” Party


We recently had an “Over the Hill” party for the male that has been in my life the longest.

I was fresh into my 1st apartment when he moved in with me and he was a bit of a bad seed. He had behavioral issues and my mom was not thrilled about him.

(You should always listen to your mom…they just know about these things.)

But I couldn’t let him go, so he and I have been together for 20 years now.

If you had told me at 24 years old that I would still have this guy in my life, I probably would have gone into a panic. There was no way that I was interested in that kind of commitment.

But 2o years later we are still together and we have had quite a history together. A celebration was due.

He’s scruffy now and cannot hear, but it serves him well in our kid-friendly home.


Happy 20th Birthday Raja!

He is still beautiful and full of spunk, at least once or twice a year. He tolerates me and my craziness. Every time I have to reorder his 16 lb. bag of prescription cat food, I consider a smaller bag, then go for the big one deciding that I can donate any leftover food. That was like three or four 16 lb. bags ago.

He needs nothing, as is often the case when you have lived a full life. But this Christmas he was thrilled with cat nip and scratch pads, things that he had not used in the last few years.


And then he needs a nap.


His favorite hobby has always been being outside, although he has had to accept supervised visits because I cannot let him go out on his own.


He loves snow.


and eating grass.

Here’s to many more lives, Raja, since I am sure that you are only on your first one!

(and no, he did eat any chocolate cake…that was for us…but did you notice the animal print candles? He he he…)


Edible Christmas Card for Doggie from Current


$500 for Crunchkins Holiday Card for Dogs from Current

Dog Lover’s Christmas Countdown Calendar from Current Catalog

How fun is that?


$17.99 for Santa’s Lucky Dog Day ‘Til Christmas Calendar

Gifts for Dogs from Dog Lovers

The fun part of ordering from catalogs and online sources is that I receive all sorts of crazy catalogs in the mail because I must be on every marketing list. Since catalogs are my main source for gifting right now, I enjoy it and it gives me a variety of material to peruse for gift ideas to share with you that you probably do not run across in your everyday wanderings.

Like these gifts below.

I currently am a cat owner but I am an all-around animal lover. I received a catalog for dog gear and had a great time checking out the stuff from “In the Company of Dogs”.

Here are some things I thought you might like…you know that your dog is a part of your family and that you buy presents for them…


$29.95 for Designer Wizzer Belly Band (My favorite is ‘Wiz Claiborne’…)



$24.95 for Male or Female Washable Wonders Diaper
$29.95 for Pkg of 10 reusable microfleece insert pads for extra protection

These cracked me up, probably since I am still in the diaper phase with my own wee ones (well, one of them any ways)



$12.95 for set o 4 Traction Control Socks
$19.95 for set of 8 Traction Control Socks


http://www.inthecompanyofdogs.com/itemdy00.aspx?T1=D14311 BK S

$19.95 for The Wipe It (drool catcher neck towel)

Tuna Can Cat Bed from Rakuten


$16.99 sale price

This cat bed made me chuckle 🙂

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