Grab Your Cards!

It seems like I am never able to find the right card when I need one. I often find myself wishing I had picked up “that perfect one I saw a few months ago” when I was looking for someone else.

Well, I finally had the “Ah ha” moment and now I do!

If I see a great card that makes me think of someone, I buy it. Even if the event is many months away – or even a year. Then I make a note in my appointment/calendar planner book that I have their card.

Ahhhh…organization…I love how that feels.

Yes, I use a pen and paper appointment/calendar planner book to keep track of my “daily doings”.

No, I do not use my phone or computer to keep track of my schedule.

Old school?

Fashionably so…


Read Reviews with an Open Mind

When I am looking at an item online, I often like to see the comments from other shoppers. I do this with an open mind though because my shopping needs and expectations can be different. I usually look for a common theme and that will often be the review that may make or break my purchase.

Keep in mind that not everyone who makes a purchase leaves a review. I read the reviews but have only left one in all of my shopping experience. But there are many things I have comments on!

Holiday and Seasonal Sales

After the holidays or change of seasons I like to check and see what is on sale that might make a great gift for someone. Even picking up some gift boxes or special wrapping paper can elevate your great gift and make it more thoughtful or special.

Shop Around

When I see an item in a catalog or a flyer that I like, I often do a quick online search to see if I can get the same item for a cheaper price or better shipping fees from another source. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!

This also works if an item is out of stock at one place.

Shipping minimums? Browse a bit

Often I find a fabulous gift online only to discover that the “free shipping” deal includes a minimum purchase. I am a big fan of free shipping! So, I browse their website to see if there are any other gifts that I can find for someone on my list. I may also add multiples to the fabulous gift I intended to buy…it may be a good gift for another person too (even if that person happens to be me!).

Balance additional purchases with your actual needs. It may be that the shipping price is reasonable. If so, you will spend less and the overall price for the gift may fit into your budget plans.

Search for coupon codes

I almost always do a quick internet search for the site that I am making an online purchase from to see if they have any coupon codes that may apply to my purchase.

I open a new window tab for this search. An example of a search is “plow and hearth coupon codes”.

Then I peek at the first few listed to see if anything will work toward my purchase.

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