Spice It Up for Valentine’s Day with The Spice House

How about a gift of spice for Valentine’s Day? If you like it hot, here is a great gift box to turn up the heat!

Spice House Hot Seasonings Assortment Gift Box


$22.95 for 4 jar Spice Gift Box – “Some Like it Hot” (includes: Hot Chili Powder, Vulcan’s Fire Salt, Very Hot Cajun Seasoning and Black & Red Spice)


If that much heat is more than you were looking for, check out their website for all of their fabulous gift boxes. There are plenty to give someone a little “sugar” or something in between sugar and spice!

click here: http://www.thespicehouse.com/spices-by-category/gift-boxes#content


Spice Gift Boxes from The Spice House

Trying to narrow my post to a few items was incredibly hard. I love spices and The Spice House has so many wonderful gift boxes. I encourage you to browse through their selection online or spend $1.50 to receive their catalog. It takes me back to being a kid when I poured over the pages of the Sears and JC Penney Christmas catalogs…ahhhhhh…


$31.95 for the Spicy Wedding Gift Box / Deluxe Version is $57.95


$23.95 for the Salad and Vegetable Lover’s Gift Box


$22.95 for the Italian Food Lover’s Gift Box


$31.95 for the Baker’s Spices 4 Jar Gift Box / $54.95 for the Deluxe Version

A friend turned me onto the Saigon Cinnamon…what a difference!


$22.95 for the Grill and BBQ 4 Jar Gift Box / $54.95 for the Deluxe Version

I could keep going! There are baking extracts, specialty salts, coffee and tea flavorings, popcorn, Mexican, Asian, salt free blends and so much more. I love the Saigon Cinnamon and the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Pizzaz….yummmm 🙂

To order the catalog, click below:

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