Gourmet Peanut Butter Sampler from Uncommon Goods

I love peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower butter and on and on. This peanut butter sampler would make a fabulously different gift to surprise someone with. You can give it as one gift or break it up as party favors, host/hostess gifts, grab bags or token gifts!


Peanut Butter Sampler


$40.00 for Peanut Butter Sampler (flavors include:

Happy Trails Mix: Flaxseed, chocolate chips, raisins, split peanuts

White Chocolate Pretzel: Pretzel pieces, white chocolate chips

Snickerdoodle: Snickerdoodle popcorn

Chocolate Toffee: Milk chocolate, bits of toffee, rice crispies

Keep Smunchy: Honey roasted peanuts

Chocolate Coconut: Dark chocolate, shredded coconut, almonds

Exclusively at UncommonGoods.



Snowflake Cookie from Yankee Candle

Snowflake Cookie™


$13.99 for “Snowflake Cookie” large tumbler


Last year I gave this candle to my mother but I coveted it.


I almost did not give it to her because I wanted to keep it, but I did the right thing and gave it as intended.

But I never stopped thinking about it so this year I picked one up for myself when Yankee Candle had one of their holiday deals going on.

As I start to de-decorate from the holidays and replace my décor with winter themes, I brought out this candle today and I love it.

It smells like a cookie but it is light and cozy, not heavily perfumed and overpowering.

I knew that I needed to share this with you because it could make a wonderful “winter” gift if you are in need of finding just the right thing now.

And to make it an even better gift, it is on sale!

My guess is that it will not be around long so do not hesitate – you may even want to pick up a few and tuck them away as fabulous “token” gifts for next year’s holiday season!

Wrap it Thoughtfully with minted.com

With personalized wrapping paper from “minted.com” you are not only giving a thoughtful gift but wrapping it thoughtfully too!

My fave is the Sugar & Spice Recipe wrapping paper – surprise someone with their own recipe on wrapping paper…


$15.00 for 5 sheets (more are available)


You can also get papers to add photos or names etc.  and there are many options for the holidays or even just winter – see here for all of the options (birthdays and other holidays too…)



Bouquets Garnis from Quelobjet

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shared this gift idea in their Food section and I thought it was a unique fun gift. A package of 8 Bouquets Garnis – savory herbs rolled up in bay leaves and wrapped – perfect for stews, soups and more. What a great stocking stuffer, host/hostess gift or token gift for foodies on your gift list!

Plus, I get to practice my French when I say it…

Merci beaucoup pour ecouter…(excuse my French – and my grammar…and my spelling – it’s been a while)!


$15.00 for pkg of 8 Bouquets Garnis from Quelobjet

Sweet Treats and Gifts for Gals

This may be a bit frivolous but I do have to say that the water dripping down my arm into my sleeve does get annoying. Would I actually use these? I am not sure but it seems like a good idea though.


$25.00 for Drip Not! set – absorbent bands to catch water that drips down arms when washing face and a towel to keep your hair out of the way

From Femail Creations


Check out these goodies from Miles Kimball’s Candy Shoppe


$14.99 each, gift box includes 8 spoons, flavors available: clover, lavender or honey & lemon


I love brittles and even more so when I see a flavor other than peanut!


$6.99 for 6 oz. Gingerbread Brittle

Maybe for the mail deliverer, garbage collectors or pet sitter?



$26.99 for 1 lb. collection of Penny Candy

Ahhh…good old nostalgia! 1 cent and 5 cents is what I remember.

Homemade “One Cup” Mini Hot Chocolate Mix



Move over Keurig, these clever little mini hot chocolate gift jars make the perfect gift! You could use them as little token gifts or deliver a whole selection…just be sure to keep one for yourself! (I think I say that quite often…)



Plum Pudding from the Vermont Country Store


$16.90 for 2 small Plum Puddings (these would make great token gifts!)
$19.95 for 1 large Plum Pudding

add Brandy Sauce or Brandy Butter for a little extra touch of the holidays

$14.90 for 2 pkgs. of Brandy Sauce
$15.95 for Brandy Butter

Fresh Nutmeg and Grater

There are many token gifts that I have received that I never would have picked up for myself but I LOVE them and am so happy with them! Using my little nutmeg grater and fresh nutmeg recently made me think of the person who gave it to me (that’s one of the extra gifts about receiving gifts) and also how much I love it.

I feel quite trendy using it and there is just something about the taste of fresh nutmeg…so creamy and fresh…just grating it is an experience in itself.

Mine looks like this spice grater from Amazon but I am not sure where mine came from – it was a gift after all. (You could also look at any kitchen store)


$8.95 for Spice Grater

Here is what fresh nutmeg looks like…I never knew until I received my gift…

Don’t forget to pick up some fresh nutmeg to go with your grater gift – they make a “Perfect Pair”!


$4.45 for The Spice Hunter Nutmeg, Whole, Organic, 1.8-Ounce Jar

Cherry Chocolates Half Price from Liberty Orchards

Yummy! Another gift idea for those “token” gifts…get a box for yourself too!


$5.75 for Dark Maraschino Cherry – half price sale

Winter & Holiday Nightlights from Kohl’s

These are perfect gifts for co-workers, teachers, all of the “helpers” in your daily life and even for friend and family gift exchanges.


$13.19 sale price for each of the nightlights above (a few more are listed on the site link as well)

Use your Kohl’s discount and get an even bigger savings! (I have no affiliation with Kohl’s except that I shop there enough…)

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