Gourmet Peanut Butter Sampler from Uncommon Goods

I love peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower butter and on and on. This peanut butter sampler would make a fabulously different gift to surprise someone with. You can give it as one gift or break it up as party favors, host/hostess gifts, grab bags or token gifts!


Peanut Butter Sampler


$40.00 for Peanut Butter Sampler (flavors include:

Happy Trails Mix: Flaxseed, chocolate chips, raisins, split peanuts

White Chocolate Pretzel: Pretzel pieces, white chocolate chips

Snickerdoodle: Snickerdoodle popcorn

Chocolate Toffee: Milk chocolate, bits of toffee, rice crispies

Keep Smunchy: Honey roasted peanuts

Chocolate Coconut: Dark chocolate, shredded coconut, almonds

Exclusively at UncommonGoods.



Spice It Up for Valentine’s Day with The Spice House

How about a gift of spice for Valentine’s Day? If you like it hot, here is a great gift box to turn up the heat!

Spice House Hot Seasonings Assortment Gift Box


$22.95 for 4 jar Spice Gift Box – “Some Like it Hot” (includes: Hot Chili Powder, Vulcan’s Fire Salt, Very Hot Cajun Seasoning and Black & Red Spice)


If that much heat is more than you were looking for, check out their website for all of their fabulous gift boxes. There are plenty to give someone a little “sugar” or something in between sugar and spice!

click here: http://www.thespicehouse.com/spices-by-category/gift-boxes#content

White Chocolate Bark


Today, I needed to escape the pressures of working on my website and one of my happy places is in the kitchen. I am not sure why but White Chocolate Bark became the desired project so I set about creating flavors combinations.


Click on the link below to be taken to my recipe blog for the scoop and how to make it.

White Chocolate Bark


Maple Sugaring Starter Kit from Blain’s Farm and Fleet

Being from the Northeast and close to New England, maple sugar is a love of mine. I used to get little packages of pure maple candy when on vacation and I savored that treat. The way the sugar just melts and dissolves in your mouth….mmmmmm.

I received an email from Blains Farm and Fleet and this is what I saw (click on link). How fun! Aside from the kit, there are other related goodies.



This kit looks like so much fun, although I suspect there is a learning curve and a bit of work involved. But you just might have someone on your gift list who would love this fresh idea.

Tap My Trees Maple Sugaring Starter Kit

$90.00 for Tap My Trees Maple Sugaring Kit



Even if I could take on this hobby, one important factor is missing…


We only have one tree in our backyard.

I guess there will not be a brunch at our house to celebrate my first batch of homemade maple syrup!

Dollar Shave Club & Manly Man Goodies

Check out these super cool gift ideas for any male on your gift list…

Quality Razors


A monthly or bi-monthly subscription for shaving supplies – what a treat!


Or…if you like a soft fuzzy face, how about a Beard Pack to soften the scruffies!


$40.00 for Beard Pack


And if your giftee would love some extra lovin’ to get spiffied up, how about the Working Man’s Kit?


$50 for Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

Love these!!

Hand-Dipped Ombre Cherries from Shari’s Berries


$29.99 for 20 Hand-Dipped Ombre Cherries (white chocolate)


This idea all by itself is a fabulously fun way to send a little love for Valentine’s Day…or a baby shower, birthday party or “Just Because”.

But…because I have the “gift of gab” there is more to this post – a back story.

Last year when I started blogging one of my first recipes was for Nutella Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. I created this super easy treat because I like the idea of a chocolate-covered strawberry but trying to eat them is not pretty. The chocolate is hard and falls off when you bite into the strawberry. Then you have to coordinate putting a piece of the fallen chocolate with a bite of strawberry into your mouth.


I was planning to share that recipe, if you can call it that, for Valentine’s Day because there is the color red, there is chocolate and because it is a way to sneak in that tasty treat.

I also became obsessed with making chocolate-covered cherries over the winter holiday season and was going to add that recipe to my Valentine’s Day suggestions for gifts. But I was planning to tweak it a bit from the traditional treat. (Just to clarify, a chocolate-covered cherry works because the cherry is small enough to pop the whole treat into your mouth so that the hard chocolate doesn’t have a chance to fall anywhere other than where it is supposed to, your eagerly awaiting mouth.)


(it can be very gray here in Wisconsin – I will make a better picture someday, I promise!)

Then, today, a mailer came from Shari’s Berries and the above Ombre Cherries were featured. How fun (or Chow Fun as I like to say when I am being weird)!

The ombre cherries are made with white chocolate and it is tinted slightly a few times to make the “ombre” effect.

I had not thought of making ombre-colored cherries but I was considering trying white chocolate. I still think that good ole chocolate-chocolate would be my first preference but variety is the spice of life so I was up for the switch.

Until I get to whip up some of my own cherries and try this all out for myself to share with you, here are the recipes for my “Chocolate-Covered Strawberries” and the recipe for “Chocolate-Covered Cherries” that I found at Taste of Home and liked the best – I tried a few. (Click on the words above for the recipes).

A Twist on Tradition from Pro Plants

Be Mine Ombre Trio


$23.99 discounted price for New Ombre Bulb Trio from ProPlants


Valentine’s Day is coming!

The gift ideas are crossing my path now so I am happy to pass on any fabulous ideas that I see and I love the tradition of chocolate, flowers and dinner for this holiday. However, I am on board with spreadin’ the love to anyone that you enjoy celebrating it with (it’s not just for “lovers” ya know), and sometimes the best person to love is yourself.

I really liked the modern take on the tradition of giving flowers in these beautiful ombre styled hyacinths – fabulously fun and a nice change from roses.

Surprise someone (or yourself, but you probably won’t be surprised) with this arrangement and spread the love!

10th Ave. Soapworks

I know that you are thinking that I have lost my marbles (again) because this is a post about soap, not zucchini.


Did you know that a Loofah (those scratchy body puff thingys for the bath and shower) are actually vegetables, which means that they are grown in a garden? Me neither (or me either).

I always thought it was a sea sponge.

My husband caught a TV show that was spotlighting a Wisconsin company called “10th Ave. Soapworks”  that makes soap and we learned that interesting tidbit about the loofahs. Here is the link to the owner’s site and her fabulous footage of a loofah’s development. Yes, I probably should get out more but I really DO think this is fascinating! That’s the loofah up there in that picture, not a zucchini.  (http://tenthavenuesoapworks.blogspot.com/2014/03/loofah-from-seed-to-soap.html)

Ok, so my first thought was that I want to grow some in my non-existent garden and my second thought was that they would make a great craft to give as gifts.

My third thought was that I will not be getting to any crafts (or a garden) so why not look for the company and share what they have already made. It would undoubtedly make a much better gift than the ones I made.

So, I looked up the company and found some great gift ideas to share with you. Being from Wisconsin myself, it is always fun to see what your “neighbors” are up to!

The company is called “10th Avenue Soapworks” and here are some of their fabulous looking soaps to give as gifts! They even have some for your winter-time gifting needs.

All of these fabulous soaps and many more, along with other items, can be found here:


Item collection 80222a48 2520 48cc 90d1 459e814f7928

$5.00 for Oatmeal Honey Loofah


Item collection bd12f337 49f3 45eb b06a 01473d7b9c20

$13.00 for Wisconsin Sampler (Green & Gold, Dairyland, Apple Harvest, and Honey Ale–these four popular soaps that represent Wisconsin are packaged together in one convenient collection.)


Item collection 920f9fe2 0a53 44aa bc50 754bbc2f9b8e


$5.00 for North Woods


Item collection a6871365 de72 458e 9d4e d9f983a9593d

$5.00 for Snowfall


Item collection debfe1bc 0e51 45e6 8876 d2d7e665e37c

$5.00 for Vanilla Cold Process


Seriously….go visit this site and do not leave without learning about the loofah – you can amaze someone today with your new knowledge! (All photos, even of the loofah, are courtesy of 10th Ave. Soapworks)

Birthday Cake Cheesecake from Wisconsin Cheeseman

Looing for a fun gift idea for a birthday?

How about this delicious looking Birthday Cake Cheesecake from the Wisconsin Cheeseman. It is sure to put a smile on your giftee’s face!



$32.99 for Birthday Cake Cheesecake

Snowflake Cookie from Yankee Candle

Snowflake Cookie™


$13.99 for “Snowflake Cookie” large tumbler


Last year I gave this candle to my mother but I coveted it.


I almost did not give it to her because I wanted to keep it, but I did the right thing and gave it as intended.

But I never stopped thinking about it so this year I picked one up for myself when Yankee Candle had one of their holiday deals going on.

As I start to de-decorate from the holidays and replace my décor with winter themes, I brought out this candle today and I love it.

It smells like a cookie but it is light and cozy, not heavily perfumed and overpowering.

I knew that I needed to share this with you because it could make a wonderful “winter” gift if you are in need of finding just the right thing now.

And to make it an even better gift, it is on sale!

My guess is that it will not be around long so do not hesitate – you may even want to pick up a few and tuck them away as fabulous “token” gifts for next year’s holiday season!

Winter Gifts on Sale from Bath and Body

If you are in need of some winter “token” gifts, here are some fun winter scents on sale!


Alpine Fresh Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Bundle - Soap/Sanitizer - Bath & Body Works

$12.50 for the set of 5, Alpine Fresh Foaming Soap Bundle


Holiday Favorites 5-Pack PocketBac Sanitizers - Soap/Sanitizer - Bath & Body Works

$5.00 for set of 5, Holiday Favorites Pocketbac Sanitizers


Here is the link for these items and many more…


Braided Trivets in a Basket from The Braided Rug Place

Here’s a fun gift idea…a basket of braided trivets!

They have a nice selection for all season, décor and holidays – check out their website below to see more and pricing!

Here are a few ideas…

TNB-1120 Winter Trivets in a Basket by Susan Burd

Winter Trivets


TNB-328 All Season Trivets in a Basket by Susan Burd

All Season


TNB-1126 Spring Trivets in a Basket by Susan Burd



TNB-025A Pinecone Trivets in a Basket




$46.00 each, for a set of braided rug trivets

Fit & Fresh Lunch Totes

While shopping at TJ Maxx, I saw a rack of fabulous looking lunch totes. Most came with plastic containers and thin-sized ice paks and I thought that they would make great gifts, especially since we’re all done with eating out and back to bringing our skinny lunches around with us…(aren’t we?).

I found the brand name at Amazon and other sources, as well as at Fit & Fresh’s site. Search the internet to see what you can find in addition to these below.

From Amazon:


$13.22 for Fit & Fresh Ladies Retro Insulated Lunch Bag with Reusable Ice Pack, Magnetic Snap, Black & White Damask (other solids ad prints available)



$24.60 for Fit and Fresh Men’s Sporty Lunch Bag Kit with Lunch on The Go Reusable Container Set, Black



$13.67 for Fit and Fresh Men’s Classic Roll Top Insulated Lunch Bag with Ice Pack, Light Brown



$25.21 for Fit and Fresh Men’s Big Phil Lunch Bag Kit with Lunch on The Go Reusable Container Set, Brown


From Fit & Fresh:

Kyoto Insulated Lunch Bag with Fresh Selects Set

Bryant Insulated Lunch Bag with Fresh Selects Set

Vienna Insulated Lunch Bag with Lunch on the Go (Patterned Lids)

Hyannis Insulated Lunch Bag with Fresh Selects Set

Portsmouth Insulated Lunch Bag with Lunch on the Go (Patterned Lids)

The 'Everything' Clear Lunch Tote with Insulated Drawstring Bag

All can be found here:


various pricing from $10.00 – $19.99 for those styles shown above, other styles and prices available


Polka Dot Clutches from Kohls

These sassy little clutches would make a fabulous gift for the holidays. And at $11.99 each, you could pick one up for yourself.

Unless you are a guy.

But if you are a guy and you really want one, then you could get one too.

Who wouldn’t want these polka dots! (They have other styles too but I am partial to dots…and stripes).


$11.99 for Apt 9 Rhonda Ruched Wallet



$11.99 for Bobby Bow Clutch Wallet



$11.99 for Brit Bow Clutch Wallet

Bouquets Garnis from Quelobjet

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shared this gift idea in their Food section and I thought it was a unique fun gift. A package of 8 Bouquets Garnis – savory herbs rolled up in bay leaves and wrapped – perfect for stews, soups and more. What a great stocking stuffer, host/hostess gift or token gift for foodies on your gift list!

Plus, I get to practice my French when I say it…

Merci beaucoup pour ecouter…(excuse my French – and my grammar…and my spelling – it’s been a while)!


$15.00 for pkg of 8 Bouquets Garnis from Quelobjet

Sweet Treats and Gifts for Gals

This may be a bit frivolous but I do have to say that the water dripping down my arm into my sleeve does get annoying. Would I actually use these? I am not sure but it seems like a good idea though.


$25.00 for Drip Not! set – absorbent bands to catch water that drips down arms when washing face and a towel to keep your hair out of the way

From Femail Creations


Check out these goodies from Miles Kimball’s Candy Shoppe


$14.99 each, gift box includes 8 spoons, flavors available: clover, lavender or honey & lemon


I love brittles and even more so when I see a flavor other than peanut!


$6.99 for 6 oz. Gingerbread Brittle

Maybe for the mail deliverer, garbage collectors or pet sitter?



$26.99 for 1 lb. collection of Penny Candy

Ahhh…good old nostalgia! 1 cent and 5 cents is what I remember.

Birdseed Gifts for the Holidays from Gardener’s Supply Company

I love the idea of birdseed gifts for the holidays. They make great token gifts, as well as great gifts for people who have everything, those that you do not know very well and well, really…anyone!

It’s a perfect time of year to feed the birds!

Grab these and give as sets or break up the sets and give as token gifts or attach to your gift tags.


$24.95 for 6 Birdseed Candy Canes



$19.95 for set of 3 Birdseed Ornaments




$24.95 for set of 6 Birdseed Songbird Tweets Pears




$19.95 for set of 3, Birdseed Owls



$24.95 for set of 6 Birdseed Donuts



$12.99 for set of 10 Birdseed Strawberries, sale price


For their complete selection, please click here: http://www.gardeners.com/search?q=bird%20seed

Homemade “One Cup” Mini Hot Chocolate Mix



Move over Keurig, these clever little mini hot chocolate gift jars make the perfect gift! You could use them as little token gifts or deliver a whole selection…just be sure to keep one for yourself! (I think I say that quite often…)



Fresh Nutmeg and Grater

There are many token gifts that I have received that I never would have picked up for myself but I LOVE them and am so happy with them! Using my little nutmeg grater and fresh nutmeg recently made me think of the person who gave it to me (that’s one of the extra gifts about receiving gifts) and also how much I love it.

I feel quite trendy using it and there is just something about the taste of fresh nutmeg…so creamy and fresh…just grating it is an experience in itself.

Mine looks like this spice grater from Amazon but I am not sure where mine came from – it was a gift after all. (You could also look at any kitchen store)


$8.95 for Spice Grater

Here is what fresh nutmeg looks like…I never knew until I received my gift…

Don’t forget to pick up some fresh nutmeg to go with your grater gift – they make a “Perfect Pair”!


$4.45 for The Spice Hunter Nutmeg, Whole, Organic, 1.8-Ounce Jar

Festive Holiday Flavored Gifts from The Republic of Tea


$10.25 for Gingerbread Cuppa Cake Tea



$11.50 for Peppermint Bark Holiday Herb Tea



$11.50 for Holiday Stackable Tin (3 flavors: Dream by The Fire, Comfort and Joy and Peppermint Bark Tea)



$11.50 for Comfort & Joy Black Tea



$6.95 for 12 Count Custom Overwrap Tea Gift


Cherry Chocolates Half Price from Liberty Orchards

Yummy! Another gift idea for those “token” gifts…get a box for yourself too!


$5.75 for Dark Maraschino Cherry – half price sale

$5 Hand Sanitizer Bundles from Bath and Body

Look at these fun little gift bundles in winter and holiday scents! Perfect for those “token” gifts that you need…


$5.00 for a bundle of 5 – look for 20% coupons to save!!

Corn-bag Handwarmers

Here is a great winter gift for that “token” gift for school, work or grab bags…

$6.99 for a pair of Corn-bag Hand Warmers

For the selection of fabrics, click here: http://www.corn-bags.com/colors.html

How about…

Gift Ideas from The Company Store

I have mentioned before that I love the idea of just buying whimsical pillowcases instead of complete sheet sets. I do not have room to store 800 sheet sets so buying pillowcases gives me the opportunity to create different bedding ensembles based on my mood. There are usually enough colors in the pillowcases to match one or more of my sheet sets so it all works out hunky dory…they do have to look like they go together, I just cannot go all mish mosh mismatch, ya know.

(Pssst…you can get the whole sheet set if you think I am weird…I am a little. But not because of this…)

This can be a fun idea for a gift too! Here are some fun winter ones…


$29.00-$34.00 for Falling Snow Standard or King size pillowcases



$29.00-$34.00 for Winter Forest Standard or King size pillowcases



$29.00-$34.00 for Pine Bough Standard or King size pillowcases



$29.00-$34.00 for Bayberry Standard or King size pillowcase


This Two-Tier Serving Stand is unique and I thought it would make a classy holiday gift or a special wedding gift. It is made of white marble and acacia wood.


$79.00 for 12 x 9 x 11″ Two-Tier Serving Stand

Fire and Wood Stove Gifts from Plow and Hearth


$49.95 – $99.95 for Resin Wood Burlap Sack Holder (small or large)

This looked like a fun gift for those who enjoy their fires. Add a box of Fatwood for $14.95 and you have a fabulous gift and …a Perfect Pair!



$19.95 for Suede Hearth Utility Gloves


Click here for the large assortment of woodstove “Steamers”…http://www.plowhearth.com/woodstove-steamers.htm

$79.95 for the above Adirondack Chair and Fire Pit Wood Stove Steamer (I am from the Adirondack area so this one caught my eye…there are many more though!)

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