Maple Sugaring Starter Kit from Blain’s Farm and Fleet

Being from the Northeast and close to New England, maple sugar is a love of mine. I used to get little packages of pure maple candy when on vacation and I savored that treat. The way the sugar just melts and dissolves in your mouth….mmmmmm.

I received an email from Blains Farm and Fleet and this is what I saw (click on link). How fun! Aside from the kit, there are other related goodies.


This kit looks like so much fun, although I suspect there is a learning curve and a bit of work involved. But you just might have someone on your gift list who would love this fresh idea.

Tap My Trees Maple Sugaring Starter Kit

$90.00 for Tap My Trees Maple Sugaring Kit


Even if I could take on this hobby, one important factor is missing…


We only have one tree in our backyard.

I guess there will not be a brunch at our house to celebrate my first batch of homemade maple syrup!


Jammies for Grammies

Sometimes grandmas and older relatives can be hard to buy for because they do not want anything or need anything – but YOU still want to surprise them. Nice, warm jammies to hug them every time they put them on are wonderful!

Here are some Dream Fleece Jammies from Linen Source, or peek around and grab your own!

$ 59.95 – $65.95 for Dream Fleece Lounge Set (colors: light periwinkle, light seafrost, shell pink & soft periwinkle)

$29.95 for Dream Fleece Slippers (colors: light periwinkle, light seafrost & shell pink)

Gift Ideas from The Company Store

I have mentioned before that I love the idea of just buying whimsical pillowcases instead of complete sheet sets. I do not have room to store 800 sheet sets so buying pillowcases gives me the opportunity to create different bedding ensembles based on my mood. There are usually enough colors in the pillowcases to match one or more of my sheet sets so it all works out hunky dory…they do have to look like they go together, I just cannot go all mish mosh mismatch, ya know.

(Pssst…you can get the whole sheet set if you think I am weird…I am a little. But not because of this…)

This can be a fun idea for a gift too! Here are some fun winter ones…

$29.00-$34.00 for Falling Snow Standard or King size pillowcases


$29.00-$34.00 for Winter Forest Standard or King size pillowcases


$29.00-$34.00 for Pine Bough Standard or King size pillowcases


$29.00-$34.00 for Bayberry Standard or King size pillowcase


This Two-Tier Serving Stand is unique and I thought it would make a classy holiday gift or a special wedding gift. It is made of white marble and acacia wood.

$79.00 for 12 x 9 x 11″ Two-Tier Serving Stand

Jelly Belly Gifts, Big & Small

The Jelly Belly Factory is part of our world and it is a fun little tour, complete with train ride and jelly beans. I have no affiliation with them other than enjoying their goodies, so this is not a “pitch post”!

There are so many fun gift ideas here for the fall and winter holidays, as well as birthdays and parties. Whether you need a token gift for co-workers, school, friends and family or a bigger basket of goodies, you can find it here.

Harry Potter fans will enjoy the crazy flavors and “nod” to the candy in the series. Lots of other characters and larger quantities of bulk size individually wrapped small packages too that would be great when you a lot of a little!

I have provided individual links right to the gifts I am displaying here.

Here is their main site to just browse…and drool…

$6.99 for TABASCO® Dark Chocolate Covered Jelly Beans – 4.15 oz Gift Box


$8.99 for Pumpkin Pie Jelly Beans, 16 oz. resealable bag


$5.99 for 7.5 oz. bag of Giant Candy Corn! Woo-hoo


$5.99 for Jelly Belly Autumn Mix Gift Bag, 7.5 oz

flavors: Orange Sherbet, Chocolate Pudding, Peach, Red Apple, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Toasted Marshmallow, Top Banana


$5.99 for Sugar Plums, 5.75 oz. gift bag – available holiday season only


$9.99 for Jelly Belly Countdown Calendar


$5.99 for Holiday Favorites Jelly Belly Box, 4.25 oz.

flavors: Hot Chocolate, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Candy Cane, Egg Nog


Fire and Wood Stove Gifts from Plow and Hearth

$49.95 – $99.95 for Resin Wood Burlap Sack Holder (small or large)

This looked like a fun gift for those who enjoy their fires. Add a box of Fatwood for $14.95 and you have a fabulous gift and …a Perfect Pair!


$19.95 for Suede Hearth Utility Gloves


Click here for the large assortment of woodstove “Steamers”…

$79.95 for the above Adirondack Chair and Fire Pit Wood Stove Steamer (I am from the Adirondack area so this one caught my eye…there are many more though!)

Gift Ideas from Signals Catalog

$39.95 for Porcelain Books Accent Lamp


$35.00 for Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia


$79.95 for Piano Server


$16.95 for “Romaine Calm and Carrot On” Apron


$99.95 for Bride’s Tree Ornaments Collection – 12 symbolic ornaments to ensure happiness, according to old German tradition


$39.95 for Moonglow Necklace, personalize with the moon as it was when you were born or on a special day


$11.95 for Now You May Speak Coffee Mug

Copper Tumblers, Pitcher & Mugs from Napastyle

Yes, I do seem to be on a bit of a “copper” kick! These would make wonderful holiday or wedding gifts…even an anniversary.

$99.00 for Bottega Copper Tumblers, set of 4


$69.00 for set of 2 Hammered Mugs or $129.00 for set of 4

$119.00 for Hammered Copper Pitcher




Copper Kettle & Mugs from Plow & Hearth

I just love the look of these!

$79.95 for Handmade Copper Kettle


$39.95 for Copper Mugs, set of 2

“Apple Harvest” Decor from Plow and Hearth

$69.95 – $99.95 for Apple Harvest Flannel Sheets (twin to king sizes available to ship Oct. 14th)


$29.95 for Apple Harvest Washable Rug

Give the Gift of Italian Food – Pizza, Pasta and More from Rossi Pasta

$47.95 for Pizza & Pasta Sampler Gift


Working on my gift ideas for today’s post happened very late last night, not overly uncommon. But pouring through the Italian food selection in the Rossi Pasta catalog that late at night is. I soooo badly wanted Italian food and there was no way it was going to happen – I needed to get into bed. I suspect that Italian food is on the lunch or dinner menu in the near horizon now!

This company has a wonderful assortment of delicious looking and sounding gift basket type foods. You just have to peek around their website, or better yet, request a catalog. You will thoroughly enjoy sitting around making your own gift list. Just don’t do it at bedtime! (I have no affiliation with them and this was the first catalog that I have ever seen…just looks like a great gift idea!)

I selected just a sampling of their wonderful ideas but there really is so much more to see. The flavor selection of their pastas is outta-this-world! In addition to traditional flavors, they have Southwestern Chipotle, Zucchini Linguini, Chocolate Cabernet, Asian, Italian Spice and Parsley Garlic to name a few…

Sauces, pastas of all kinds, pizza doughs, coffee and oils…oh my.

$84.95 for Lotsa Pasta Gift

They even have gluten-free! Heavenly…

$79.95 for Gluten-Free Gift Basket

Or make your gift super-de-duper unique and create your own box – so many ways to do so.

$43.95 for Create-Your-Own Pasta and Sauce Gift Box

Antique Style Metal Pie Rack from Farmhouse Wares

Who wouldn’t love to have this rack in their kitchen filled with delicious pies? This is a really fun and creative gift for someone who enjoys baking and entertaining. They could swap out the pie plates for plates of cookies or other goodies too.

Pair the pie rack with some new pie plates or even one filled with a pie that you make and you have a “Perfect Pair”!

It could also make a fabulous wedding gift…



$12.95 for Creamware Pie Dish

Garden Accessory Gifts from Country Door

$29.99 for Backyard Thermometer & Rain Gauge (on orders by July 31st)


$99.99 for Gardener’s Gate

Herb Garden Serveware from Stonewall Kitchen

Here is a really fun gift idea for a wedding shower or wedding gift.

$24.95 for Herb Garden Platter

$27.95 for Herb Garden 7 1/2 inch plates (set of 4)


A fun luxury (nevermind if space affords it or not…) is having colored glasses to jazz up your meal times. Add these to the serveware above for a really fun and unique wedding present.

$29.95 for Olive Gala Goblet Set (set of 6)

Fish ‘N Bobber Sheet Sets from Orvis

Send “dad” on a dream fishing trip with these sheets!

$89.00 – $129.00 for Fish ‘N Bobber Sheet Sets

(Check online for coupons)

Gizmos and Gadgets from Brookstone

Brookstone’s gizmos and gadgets always make me think “man toys”.

I am not sure why.

You should see the amount of dog-eared pages in my catalog that are things that I think are cool.

Here are a few that you might just dig too…especially since Father’s Day is on the horizon and they might need some “man toys”.;jsessionid=DD38F3B197F01CCD1AB29446F2857533?bkiid=redirect_796246p&_requestid=69138

$119.99 for Virtual Keyboard…awesome toy!


$$79.99 for Video Camera Pen

Ok, that is scary! It makes you realize that “what happens in Vegas” is probably gonna “go viral” within minutes…


$2499.99 for Telecommuting Robot

How hilarious is that? I am not sure why your Ipad face has to be tall and mobile when you are out of town.

“Luke…this is your father…”


$12.50 for Dustin Screen Cleaner 3-Pack


$64.99 for Folding Bluetooth Keyboard


$89.99 for FlameStower Charger

Again…awesome toy! Charge your devices by campfire heat…cool…


$79.99 for Cooler Couch Pool Float

I am not sure why you cannot just sit on a poolside lounge chair since you have absolutely no contact with the water on this thing! Must be for the floating feeling…and I am guessing it is a comical sight to watch while it is being boarded…especially after a few “cold brewski’s…hysterical! Definitely says “man toy” to me.


$79.99 for Floating Waterproof Table Tennis


$24.99 for Propane Tank Gauge

A family member has this and it is very handy. You can get them from other sources.


Red & White Grill Planks, $17.99 for 2-pack

$19.99 for Jumbo Cedar Grill Planks, 2-pack

click below for more grill plank items…lots of choices


$34.99 for Outlaw Beer Holster

There’s a new sheriff in town


$24.99 for Das Horn Drinking Vessel

Tea Kettle from MacKenzie-Childs

I am in love…and I fell fast…this gift idea is totally about me…I forgot about you…

$100.00 for Courtly Check Enamel Tea Kettle, 2 Qt

They have a few different styles and a 3 Qt size, but this one “had me at hello”.

If that tea kettle ever left me, here is “2nd fiddle”…

I could be content ’til “death do us part”…

Maybe, just maybe, this would work for someone on your gift list?

…hmmm…I wonder if I am on your gift list…

oh, excuse me, that is rude…

“TOMS Shoes”…more than just shoes

$98.00 for Brown Chambray Men’s Brogues


I loved the look of these Chambray Men’s Shoes. And for every shoe purchase made, a pair of shoes is given to a child in need. Their program is called “One For One”…see their story at the link below:

You can also purchase shoes for women, as well as sunglasses.

High Tech Fires

$79.95 for Looftlighter Electric Firestarter

“Designed in Sweden, the revolutionary Looftlighter blows a 1,256°F stream of hot air that ignites wood or charcoal in as little as 60 seconds without matches, lighter fluid or other taste-altering chemicals.”…per Frontgate

This crazy contraption brought two thoughts to mind…

1. How cool! That is an impressive firestarter and it doubles as a bottle opener…that is a serious toy!

2. Danger! Danger!

…I have 3 young children so this “toy” ignites (get it) serious mom-warning bells!! The description does state that it cools to the touch just a few seconds after shutoff, so that is a plus.


As long as we are on the “fire” theme, this gadget looked great, especially for the recycling aspect.

$29.99 for Newspaper Press – Turns newspapers into ‘firewood’…cool

Summer Tableware from Pier 1 Imports

$5.95 each for Sunny Floral Melamine Dinnerware
$9.95 for set of 2 Sunny Floral Melamine Appetizer Plates
$14.95 each for Sunny Floral Melamine Serving Bowl or Platter,default,sc.html


$3.95 each for Flutter Placemat (2 colors)


$3.60-$4.00 each for glassware (2 sizes)


$4.76 for Straws

Click the link below to check out the ad and see how they put it all together…on page 24,default,pg.html

Uncommon Goods

My organized and creative sides like to give you posts on gift ideas that go together in “tidy neatly wrapped packages with color coordinated bows” that are based on a gift theme and look, oh so pretty.

My practical side keeps an eye on those two other sides because it could mean that I will bombard you with too many posts. Or maybe those two sides would send you all over the web shopping at many sites just to make one gift package.

With those checks and balances in place, the practical side of me won out in this post.

Since I wanted to share a whole bunch of gift ideas from one source, “Uncommon Goods”, all of my sides finally agreed to throw it all at you in one post.

The items from this source have neat stories on the creators of the items…check out their story…

Ok, now for the fabulous gift ideas! There are some gifts here that are just perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays…oh heck, just put your thinking cap on. A “light bulb” is sure to appear over your head at least once!

Get ready…here they come!

I love big bags that I can dump everything in and then swish my hand around for never-ending minutes to find what I need.

The colors got me!

Probably because our outside world is so blah still while I am waiting for spring!

$35.00 for Sari Shoulder Bag


This was one of my biggest obsessions when my muffins were crawling…their little knees! I thought there should be a product like this and had considered creating my own…but they would have been more “utilitarian”, like using cut up socks or something…these are much cuter.

$20.00 for Crawling Knee Pads


I have seen these types of adorable socks around but these are so different and sooooo cute!

Western boots and sandals? Love ’em!

$24.00 – $30.00 for Baby Socks


What a fun token gift for the baker or the kids in your world!

$15.00 for Cupcake Planter Kit


This just screams, “For the Sophisticated Man Foodie!”

Ok, maybe not “screams” since sophisticated people do not scream.

Do they?

I scream. I always thought I was sophisticated. At least that I had the option to be. Hmmmm…

$34.95 for Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank


Totally frivolous! But just perfect for someone you know, I can feel it.

$125.00 for Stone Drink Dispenser


$60.00 for Flavors of America salt Collection


Peek here for more Salt Collection options…


$65.00 for Row Boat Salad Bowl With Serving Utensils


What a wonderful trip down memory lane…

$12.00 for Ticket Stub Diary / $15.00 for Travel Stub Diary


If I lived in the city and biked all over (which is how I picture I would be) this messenger bike bag would be a great gift. It “velcros” to the bike and then has a shoulder strap to tote it around when you get off the bike. There are even pockets for your water etc to keep it handy while on the bike. Clever!

$48.00 for Bike Tote with Shoulder Strap for Grabbing and Going


And since I would have the clever tote on my bike I would also need this Six Pack Holder for the crossbars as I was on my way to all of the social gatherings I would be attending. Water, iced tea or grown-up drinks would travel around with me in style!

$69.00 for Six Pack Bike Bag That Slips Over the Crossbar and Secures With Velcro


Love these!

$40.00 for Beard Pack / $50 for Working Man’s Hygiene Kit


$13.00 for each Choose Your City Glass


The Canon Bookends crack me up.

$65.00 for each Set of Bookends


Ok, you can go now.

But come back soon! I have sooooo many more ideas to share with you 🙂

For the Baker…from ‘fancyflours’

You may know someone who loves to bake. These gifts would make a baker golden brown with glee! How about for Mother’s day?

$65.00 for The Baker’s Ultimate Sanding Sugar Collection, set of 24


Ok, who does not need new baking pans?

Right. Everyone does.

Treat that special baker to one of these fancy new white CeramaBake pans.

Heck, treat them to the whole set of new pans. You just might end up with a big ole bakery style treat basket as a “thank you”!

‘fancyflours’ even suggests that these would make great wedding gifts. I’d have to agree!

$25.00 for the 11″ x 17″ Cookie Sheet


$25.00 for the 6 Cup Jumbo Muffin Pan


$15.00 for the 9″ x 5″ Loaf Pan


$25.00 for the 12 Cup Muffin Pan


$15.00 for the 10″ x 14″ Cookie Sheet


$15.00 for the 8″ Square Cake Pan


$20.00 for the 9″ x 13″ Roaster


All can be found at:

High School and College Graduation Time!

It is getting close for all of those college graduations, followed closely by high school. Congratulations graduates!

I find that this group of giftees can be hard to select for because money is often most appreciated.


But what else would bring a smile to those faces?

A car? Of course.

But…probably not.

One of MY favorites is a book by Kermit The Frog. I am not sure that Kermit has the same following now as he did when I was growing up but the book makes me chuckle and I think his message still resonates.

$11.96 at Barnes and Noble Bookstores


Here are some other ideas to jump start your gift search:

-Gift cards are like money but I feel as though I have a chance to be creative in some capacity.

Here are some ideas…
Gas stations, book stores, restaurants, coffee shops, or clothing stores for professional wardrobes.

-Do they need items for an apartment or dorm?
Towels, trendy dishes, fun bath and body care, laundry supplies, cool storage bins or snacks/care packages.

Hopefully these ideas will spark your creativity. I will keep looking for more fabulous ideas to share with you!

Vermont Made Pottery for Your Kitchen From ‘bennington potters’

I have shared my weakness for dishes with you.

I would eagerly and happily buy dishes over clothes, although…I am looking forward to my annual flip flop update.

Warning: This will be a semi-longgggg post of wonderful gift ideas of pottery pieces for the kitchen because it is impossible to stop at just one.

(Yes, like the potato chip.)

They are famously recognizable by their glaze styles, especially the Blue Agate. There are various other glazes to choose from depending on the pottery pieces selected and the style of the person you are thoughtfully presenting with the gift.

My favorites are Morning Glory Blue and the newer White on White – it takes the plain ole’ white dish to a whole new level – so unique. And different. I LOVE different.

$99.00 for Harvest Nester Bowl Set


$44.00 for New England Batter Bowl Gift Set


$42.00 for Grandma’s Favorite Mixing Bowl Gift Set


$98.00 for 3 Pc. Baker’s Starter Set


$39.00 for Blueberry Mornings Gift Set


Believe it or not, I did not include their whole line.

There are pasta bowls, salad bowls, serving pieces, utensil pots, pitchers, mugs, plates, dinnerware sets and on and on…

But, you just might enjoy perusing their various glazes and many many other pieces. Here is how to request a catalog:

Here are my two favorite glazes:

Morning Glory Blue

White on White

Stacked Teapots Lamp from Victorian Trading Company


Periodically I search around for lamps for our house because ours are blah. It is a pricey exploration and often I would be paying lots of money for more “blah”. So, we still have our same lamps.

If you know someone with “blah” lamps, this just might be the solution to your gift quandary.

How fun is this lamp? Love it!

Cabin and Woodsy Decor and Gifts from Black Forest

My first thoughts when I saw this catalog were that I had no interest in pine cones or evergreens because I am done with that season and I want daffodils and tulips. But as I perused, my thoughts shifted to cozy cabins, lake and camping trips and being snuggled up with nature. Ahhhh…can’t you just smell the Great Outdoors?

Soooo, “bear” with me as I share a whole lot of gift ideas for those interested in cabin/woodsy/nature themes.

$19.95 for set of 2 wine glasses

They also have horses, bears, moose, saddles, and other pine tree type glasses and charms. If you want to browse, click on the following link:

$34.95 for clock

$39.95 for clock

$49.95 for Accent lamp

$13.95 for switch cover

$13.95 for switch cover

$16.95 for switch cover

This lamp is a more expensive gift but very fun!

$119.95 for fireplace lamp

$26.95 for salt and pepper set

Bath accessories…

$17.95 for soap holder

$18.95 for lotion pump

$39.95 for tissue cover

$17.95 for shower curtain hooks

dominoes $39.95 for dominoes

$89.95 for pinecone clock and thermometer

$32.95 for fly reel coaster set

Oven Mitt Pot holders
$8.95 each

I saved the best for last…

$19.95 for Bear Claw Salad/Pasta Tossers! Love them!

Thanks for hanging in there, that was a major scrolling post 🙂

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