Gift Ideas from The Company Store

I have mentioned before that I love the idea of just buying whimsical pillowcases instead of complete sheet sets. I do not have room to store 800 sheet sets so buying pillowcases gives me the opportunity to create different bedding ensembles based on my mood. There are usually enough colors in the pillowcases to match one or more of my sheet sets so it all works out hunky dory…they do have to look like they go together, I just cannot go all mish mosh mismatch, ya know.

(Pssst…you can get the whole sheet set if you think I am weird…I am a little. But not because of this…)

This can be a fun idea for a gift too! Here are some fun winter ones…

$29.00-$34.00 for Falling Snow Standard or King size pillowcases


$29.00-$34.00 for Winter Forest Standard or King size pillowcases


$29.00-$34.00 for Pine Bough Standard or King size pillowcases


$29.00-$34.00 for Bayberry Standard or King size pillowcase


This Two-Tier Serving Stand is unique and I thought it would make a classy holiday gift or a special wedding gift. It is made of white marble and acacia wood.

$79.00 for 12 x 9 x 11″ Two-Tier Serving Stand


Gift Ideas from Ginny’s

$19.95 for Cutting Board Tablet Holder


$14.95 for Chalkboard Jar


$69.95 for West Bend 5-qt. Versatility Slow Cooker with travel bag


$16.95 for 5-pc. Novelty Knife Set


Gift Ideas from Signals Catalog

$39.95 for Porcelain Books Accent Lamp


$35.00 for Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia


$79.95 for Piano Server


$16.95 for “Romaine Calm and Carrot On” Apron


$99.95 for Bride’s Tree Ornaments Collection – 12 symbolic ornaments to ensure happiness, according to old German tradition


$39.95 for Moonglow Necklace, personalize with the moon as it was when you were born or on a special day


$11.95 for Now You May Speak Coffee Mug

“Pumpkin” Themed Gifts from Country Door

$19.95 for Pumpkin Pie Slices-Petit Fours from Swiss Colony at Country Door


$19.95 for 12 Spiced Pumpkins from Swiss Colony at Country Door

$29.95 for 24 Spiced Pumpkins


I have one of these in bright orange and love it. I use it for my cooking oils – it would make a great gift!

$17.99 for Rachael Ray Cruet in Pumpkin Orange (or other colors)


$49.99 for set of 3 Calabash Canisters


$29.99 for set of 4 Calabash Salad Plates


$27.99 for Calabash Serving Platter



$24.99 for Calabash Serving Bowl

For these Calabash items and others, see their site:


Copper Tumblers, Pitcher & Mugs from Napastyle

Yes, I do seem to be on a bit of a “copper” kick! These would make wonderful holiday or wedding gifts…even an anniversary.

$99.00 for Bottega Copper Tumblers, set of 4


$69.00 for set of 2 Hammered Mugs or $129.00 for set of 4

$119.00 for Hammered Copper Pitcher




Copper Kettle & Mugs from Plow & Hearth

I just love the look of these!

$79.95 for Handmade Copper Kettle


$39.95 for Copper Mugs, set of 2

Angela Moore Hand Painted Bracelets & More…

Yes, I know that was a bad pun, but those are the kind of things you write when you are up late at night, what can I say?

I love these bracelets (they have other jewelry too) for the beautiful colors and the stories that they tell. Some of my favorites are the winter-themed ones, but here are some faves that do not rush the season! (Feel free to peek around at their huge selection. My faves might not be your faves, but I don’t know why they wouldn’t…but really – you HAVE to go look at all of the fabulous things that they have).

If you have the need for a late summer birthday gift, one of these just might be the answer…

$65.00 for Treasure Island Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Sea sensation Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Cool Cosmo Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Moon Shadow Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Count Your Blessings Classic Bracelet

$65.00 for Glamour Puss Classic Bracelet

$50.00 for Bon Appetit Classis Bracelet

and of course…coffee lover’s

$50.00 for Coffee Nut Classic Bracelet

Antique Style Metal Pie Rack from Farmhouse Wares

Who wouldn’t love to have this rack in their kitchen filled with delicious pies? This is a really fun and creative gift for someone who enjoys baking and entertaining. They could swap out the pie plates for plates of cookies or other goodies too.

Pair the pie rack with some new pie plates or even one filled with a pie that you make and you have a “Perfect Pair”!

It could also make a fabulous wedding gift…



$12.95 for Creamware Pie Dish

Insulated Cooker Carriers from Current

If someone on your gift list loves to cook, or maybe you do and you bring all of your fabulous food gifts to share, then these insulated cooking carriers are a great gift.

Give both…wrap them up and tie them with a bow!

Purchase one and a slow-cooker or casserole pan and you have a great wedding shower gift.

Either way, it’s a fabulous gift for sure.

$17.59, for Round Slow-Cooker Carrier, sale price


$15.99 for Casserole Carrier, sale price

Beautiful Jewelry from Sadie Green’s

I am a crow when it comes to sparkly things and I love sparkly earrings! I see “sparkly” and swoop in to check it out.

One of my favorite stores for sparkly jewelry is in Ogunquit, Maine. It is called Sadie Green’s and any time I make the trip there, I have to stop and treat myself to some earrings.

You do not need to make the trip to Maine to check it out – pull up a chair and peek around their website. They have so many styles available so you do not have to like “sparkly”! But really, why wouldn’t you?

Here is a pair of new earrings, they have little Dragonflies on them and a sparkly jewel. I love dragonflies so these caught my eye. You can even pick which jewel you want…good luck!

$12.00 for Dragonfly Earrings

Kitchen Cookware Gifts from Seventh Avenue

I know that some of you may think cookware is NOT an appropriate gift but what if it is really fun cookware?

Maybe, just maybe?

If not for a birthday then at least it could be for a wedding or shower gift, right?

Take a peek and see…these are really fun gift ideas! I know I would put them on my gift list…

$49.95 for Multistripe Canister Set, 4 pcs


$59.95 for 5-Qt. Versatility Slow Cooker with Travel Bag, sale price


$44.95 for 3-Piece Enamel Cast Iron Skillet Set


Give the Gift of a Lost Art…Canning!

Being a country girl and all, my youth memories include my mom and grandmom’s canning and preserving of our summer garden bounties. I myself have not partaken much in this country activity, but I do have big plans if I ever get a chance. They involve a fancy apron too!

This is a fabulous gift to start someone out in this good old-fashioned past time and food option.

These canning accessories are from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. The book on canning from Ball listed below is from Barnes & Noble, but I saw it on Amazon too.

$14.99 for Presto 6 Piece Canning Kit

You could also add some canning jars and even a water bath pot or pressure canner to your gift.


Ya gotta get them this too!

$13.49 for “Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving: 400 Delicious and Creative Recipes for Today”

That all looks like a really fun gift, if I do say so myself…

“Chalkboards” for Party Supplies & Gift Giving – from Beau Coup

Chalkboard accessories are a hot trend…be on the cutting edge with these party supplies and gift items from Beau Coup – (one of my favorite supply sites)

They are adorable and there are many unique items…see the link below for their whole fabulous collection…

Here is a teeny tiny sampling:

Bride-to-Be Nightgown and Robe from The Paragon

Make sure the romance is still alive, treat the bride to a pretty gown and robe!

$34.99 for Romantic Chemise Gown
$44.99 – 49.99 for Romantic Robe


To keep the romance going in the kitchen tuck these pretty romantic pink dishwashing gloves in her package…add two so the groom can feel pretty doing the dishes too!

$4.99 for Flowery Kitchen Gloves

Wedding Gift Ideas from Napa Style

Looking for some fun unique wedding gifts? Look no further!

I first saw these cone-shaped dishes at a French Style Bistro in New Hampshire that served Pommes-Frites and a flavored mayo (that I am sure has a name that I cannot recall and it is not showing up while searching online). It was very fun and I think that I should serve all of my French fries this way! You could put so many different things in these, including flowers.

$24.99 for set of 3 Parfait Cone Servers, sale price

I have been keeping an eye out for some individual sized casserole dishes that are a little more fun than “just white”. These just might be the ticket…

$59.00 for Pennello Casseroles, set of 6, each a different color

When shopping for gifts it is often fun to buy things that are not part of normal everyday use since most people will buy that kind of stuff for themselves. These champagne flutes are beautiful and you could pair them with a bottle of the bubbly stuff!

$9.00 for Venetian-Style Champagne Flutes

Comfy Slippers for the Bride-to-Be from Lillian Vernon

$26.99 for Personalized Plush Thong Slippers to soothe and pamper those beautiful piggies

and…Still More from Crate & Barrel…Ice Cream Party Gifts!

Here are some fun gifts to make a fabulous “Ice Cream Party Gift Basket”! Add some fresh fruit in the ceramic berry basket below as well as some sprinkles and “add-ins” and you will hear, “Wow!” when your gift is received!!

This cookbook made me think about the Cocoa Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches that I made for Mother’s Day. It looks like it would have some fun ideas!

$19.95 for I Scream Sandwich Cookbook


$4.95 each for Berry Box Colander


$12.95 each for Cookie Dough or Ice Cream Scoop


$2.95 for Footed 4.25″ Dessert Dish


$1.95 – $2.95 each for Ice Cream Dishes


Titan Peeler…as Seen on TV

I get a kick out of the “As Seen On TV” products. But I have to tell you that some of them are AMAZING!

Like the Titan Peeler.

This little miracle product can peel through a rutabaga or a butternut squash like they are cucumbers.

I have had mine for a couple of years and it is still sharp – super sharp – so if you have kids, make sure to put it up high. Just reaching into a drawer to grab it can produce a cut if you pick it up wrong. It is worth the “danger”, just practice safety.

You can get them at many places so feel free to shop around.

$14.99 for the Titan Peeler and Julienne Tool from Bed, Bath & Beyond

Polka Dot Lace Table Linens from ‘Your Tablecloth’


“A modern version of a lace tablecloth” is how ‘Your Tablecloth’ describes this lace pattern and it is perfect.

These would make a lovely wedding gift because every home can enjoy a little extravagance for special moments. Give that special couple these beautiful table linens to start their “togetherness journey”.

$37.99 for 58 x 84 inch Polka Dot Rectangle Tablecloth


$16.99 for 18 x 72 inch Polka Dot Table Runner
$19.99 for 18 x 96 inch Polka Dot Table Runner

Herb Garden Serveware from Stonewall Kitchen

Here is a really fun gift idea for a wedding shower or wedding gift.

$24.95 for Herb Garden Platter

$27.95 for Herb Garden 7 1/2 inch plates (set of 4)


A fun luxury (nevermind if space affords it or not…) is having colored glasses to jazz up your meal times. Add these to the serveware above for a really fun and unique wedding present.

$29.95 for Olive Gala Goblet Set (set of 6)

More Crate & Barrel Gift Ideas Coming at Ya!

Ok, as promised, here are more ideas from the Crate & Barrel Catalog…if you were feeling creative you could add some yummy treats to the jars before you gave them as gifts!

$14.95 for Truefit Batter Bowl with Lid


$2.95 – $3.95 for Weck Canning Jars (various sizes available)

These are perfect for making fun summer treats and delivering them to your giftee. Like Individual Fresh Berry Trifle Cakes with Lemon Crème! Mmmmmm…I will have to make a recipe for that and share with you!


$3.95 – $4.95 for Weck Canning Juice Jars

Add a plastic lid for $.95 each


$1.95 – $2.95 for each (2 glass sizes available)
$.75 for plastic lid

Gift Ideas from Napa Style

$69.00 for Roll-Up Pack-Up Picnic Table

I love this table for the ease and “elegance” of the gift. Very chichi!


$29.00 for Seagrass Carafe
$39.00 for Seagrass Wine glasses

This was different and “unique”…therefore I love it. It would make a fun wedding present!


$29.00 for Mason Jar BBQ Shakers, set of 2

Mason Jar Picnic Melamine from Kmart

Picnic Ready

Picnic Bound

In this week’s Kmart flyer they were offering some Mason Jar Melamine and plastic picnicware.

Loved it! (I have a thing for Mason jars).

I purchased some and wanted to share the items with you because they would make a great gift basket…which is part of what I plan to do with them! The rest are for me, of course – I picked up a bunch! Nothing like sprucing up your summertime plates and cups.

I purchased dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, dish towels and plastic Mason jar mugs with lids and straws…oh, and a vinyl tablecloth not pictured here.

Prices ranged from $2.09 – $3.49 each…not bad!

You can wrap them up in a fun summer themed gift bag or find a great picnic basket or cooler to make a fabulous gift. Add a checked vinyl tablecloth for the on-the-go summer meal and you just might keep the gift for yourself!

Bakeware from Target…and Other Goodies While I was There…

Can I fit any more bakeware in my cupboards? Probably not, but boy did these catch my eye!

Does someone on your gift list need to update their collection or start one? How about for a wedding shower or wedding gift? A college graduation or a housewarming gift? Birthday or Mother’s Day? Just Because?

$49.99 for CorningWare 4-pc Modern Bakeware…This item receives a $20 gift card with purchase


$49.99 for Pyrex 19-pc Bake and Store Set…This item receives a $20 gift card with purchase


$24.89 for Pyrex Easy Grab 11 pc Bake N Store Set…temporary price cut


$19.99 for 54 Piece Paper Bakeware Set


$24.99 for 40 Piece Paper Bakeware Set


$17.00 for Patterned Crock-Pot, temporary price cut


$29.98 for Rachael Ray 6-pc Square Little Dipper and EVOO Vinegar Set, clearance price


For the Wedding by ‘fancyflours’


These are a fun twist on traditional wedding related gifts.


$22.00 for Flour Sack Towels


$40.00 for Wedding Cake Server Set


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